10 Benefits Of Working From Home

If you’re thinking of taking a new job right now, you might be wondering whether you should pick up an office job or try a home-based opportunity. While going to the office can be a lot of fun, you might want to consider the many benefits of working from home.

What are the benefits of working remotely?

We’ve asked some Remotaskers about the best perks of working with Remotasks from home and here are 10 benefits a WFH setup gave them:

  • Create your own office. Thanks to a work-from-home setup, you now have the opportunity to create your own office based on your own times. Having a desk to call your own is the mark of being a remote employee! You’re no longer confined to your own cubicle. Instead, you can transform your own bedroom into your own office, or even have a dedicated space at home for work. You don’t need to worry about noisy workmates or distracting environments!
  • Control your own pace. With a work-from-home setup, you have full control over your time and schedule. Unlike an office where you work in assigned shifts or even time zones, you can work on your tasks for as long as you want - as long as it’s within your deadlines. For instance, our Remotaskers can take as long as they need for a task for as long as it’s within our set deadlines. This allows us to ensure that they put in their best effort when they’re at their best, and this flexibility can boost employee retention in other companies.
  • Choose your own work. One of the best things a home-based setup allows you to do is having flexible work. Unlike office work that usually dictates your tasks for the day, most home-based setups let you choose your own tasks or projects. Most importantly, you get to choose work that you want to do at your own pace. Meaning, you can apply for full time, part time, or even freelance work! For instance, in Remotasks, you get to choose projects you’d like to work on. We never pressure our Remotaskers to do all the available tasks we have. We want to make sure our Remotaskers only work on tasks that their time permits.
  • Control your earnings. If you want to have better control over your finances, perhaps working remotely can help you out. Unlike an office job that will dictate how much you earn and how often you get your salary, working from home not only allows you to choose your own projects but also declare how much you can earn or how much you can save money. Unless you apply for work that has a set salary, most project-based work can come in different payouts. For instance, in Remotasks, tasks and projects you choose have varying payments - which means you can put in the extra effort to save for your dream phone or even dream house, or even put in as much effort as you need if you want a more controlled pace if you’re not saving up for anything yet.
  • Connect and form large professional networks. One of the most interesting things your work-from-home experience can bring you is the opportunity to meet a lot of people around the world. Since you’ll be mostly working with people online in remote teams, you’ll get to meet employers and coworkers from various parts of the world. Thanks to this, you can actually connect and form professional networks that can help you work on your career trajectory. In Remotasks, we offer the opportunity for Remotaskers to meet fellow members in our Discord Server - which can pave the way for meaningful networking.
  • Cultivate your career and professional skills. Thanks to the time flexibility of a home-based setup, you can now have the time to properly cultivate your professional skills as an employee to work in whatever field you want. For instance, having to work from home may give you a few hours’ worth of free time that you can spend attending seminars, doing free courses, or even finishing your degree via online classes. Unlike a strict office job, the flexibility working from home provides can help you become a more efficient professional. This is courtesy of the increased productivity that a remote working setup can provide you, in particular with regard to your flexibility in terms of time. 
  • Celebrate friendships with new people. Who said working from home means not meeting other people anymore? Thanks to a work-from-home setup, you can easily get to meet people around the world in the form of employers, coworkers, and other employees worked remotely. You might be surprised how soon working together online can make you fast friends! In Remotasks, our Remotaskers from places such as Venezuela, Kenya, and the Philippines get connected thanks to our social programs that connect Remotaskers with each other.
  • Cultivate time for yourself and your hobbies. Another great benefit of working from home as remote workers are employees finally having the opportunity to have time for themselves. Instead of simply looking forward to your day off, you can organize your schedule at home - or in your home office - in such a way that you can still perform work properly without neglecting your mental health or even physical health. A proper schedule can help you stay fit and healthy, play games, and still perform greatly at work! This is a great way to ensure your work-life balance isn’t compromised even with busy work. If you’re in touch with your passions, sticking to your hobbies despite work is one of the core benefits of remote working. 
  • Create time for your family. Perhaps most importantly, working from home now allows you to make more time for your family. Sadly, a lot of office setups would need employees to file leaves just to spend time with their families or in case of emergencies. Thankfully, most home-based work doesn’t demand employees to be in front of their computer screens 24/7. For instance, in Remotasks, you can take as much time as you want with your family. Since you choose your tasks at your own pace, you can simply skip a day or two if you have a scheduled vacation with your family - and we won’t penalize you for that!
  • Create a proper sleeping schedule. Some might look at this and think it’s funny, but rest is an extremely important part of motivating you and keeping you happy to do work. With proper rest, you can feel relaxed and energized to do various tasks that your work demands you. And great sleep overall helps elevate your mood and make you much happier to do work every day. Unlike a full shift at an office, working from home gives you the flexibility you need to finally be able to set your own sleeping schedule - and even have a nap or two in between! Say goodbye to commuting time or having to panic about decorating your office space.

Can I achieve all of these in Remotasks?

Thanks to the flexibility of the Remotasks platform, all our Remotaskers have the opportunities to do what kind of projects and tasks they want according to their schedule. Moreover, our bonus system and our many advancement opportunities can allow our Remotaskers to work with the platform as a full-time gig or as a part-time work you could do while you’re doing other things you like.

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