Remotasker Testimonials: Merlid

In these Testimonials, the Remotasks Team asked some Remotaskers about their experience with the Remotasks Platform. Here are their stories:

Basic Information

Name: Merlid
Position: Trainer
When did you start working? 2017
Where are you from? Venezuela

Her Remotasks Experience

What happened before Remotasks?

I started working in classic Remotasks in 2017 after having browsed and looked for options that would allow me to supplement my income as a professional to support my family. And after years in that search and working as a freelance on Russian pages, I found Remotasks. I left the job I had and dedicated myself to making a daily schedule to work in Remotasks.

What do you enjoy about Remotasks?

From my first week, I was surprised getting a payment* that I normally reached in two or three months on similar platforms. In this way, me and my family's quality of life improved.

What's new about you with regards to Remotasks?

In February 2020, Remotasks sent me an email inviting me to be a part of an exclusive Venezuelan Remotasks community (Remotasks Plus*), and they told us that the payment would be by hourly rate. [Moreover,] we ourselves would determine how much we wanted to earn.

Once on the platform and through the Discord Channel, I read some information about the Bootcamp that they were going to do and I was very excited, thinking that before I wish this could happen in my area. This time, this (new community) isn't like that, it was something better since the training began to take place online. It was a marvel - I chose the time to attend, I planned, I watched classes, and then I did my tasks.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Remotasks Plus is a new program in Remotasks where we invite our top-performing Remotaskers to an upgraded version of Remotasks with tougher tasks but more flexible options.

What can you say about career opportunities in Remotasks?

I was improving my quality and speed thans to the trainers I had, so I signed up as soon as Bootcamps for my preferred project types opened. And then one day, the recruitment of coaches began and my biggest surprise is that my coach Carlos Alvarado called to invite me to be a part of the Remotasks Team and I couldn't believe it.

What would you tell others considering Remotasks?

From then on, my personal growth and family improvement hasn't stopped growing. Thanks to those who believed in me and gave me this magnificent and courageous opportunity that I had never been able to have in this country, not even with the three degrees I have. Many thanks to the Coordinators, my Leads, and Remotasks - they are my life now!

Can I Also Join Remotasks?

If you want to experience the same amazing opportunities as Merlid, Remotasks is definitely the platform for you! Aside from being able to train and perform tasks on project types you're comfortable with, we can help provide various career advancement opportunities. In Remotasks, you can start as a simple Attempter but eventually become a Reviewer, a Moderator, and even a Trainer with consistent high marks and a great personality!

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