Remotasks In Discord: What Is It And Why Should I Join?

Hey, Remotasker! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably tried a couple of Tasks and you have some free time exploring the Remotasks Blog. There’s also a huge possibility that you haven’t joined our Discord Server yet - and you’re missing out on a lot of fun! If you’re a bit hesitant to join because you’re not familiar with what Discord is, that’s alright. This article is here to help you out! Here are some important details you need to know:

What’s Discord?

If you’ve ever dealt with work clients or school teachers online, then chances are you’ll know what Discord is. Essentially, Discord is a communication platform designed to help users communicate with peers in an efficient manner. It fully supports text messaging, voice calls, and video functions to help teams communicate with each other.

Why use Discord instead of other tools?

Some of us might wonder why exactly Remotasks uses Discord instead of other tools, especially if it’s a chat program. However, here are some perks of Discord that other services don’t have, and why it helps Remotasks:

  • Servers: Once you get a Discord account, you can join a Server. These Servers act as a main hub of a team that only contains its members. Think of it as a social media “group” composed of many group chats. 
  • Channels: You know how, in a group chat, you can have difficulty in keeping up with all the topics that many members introduce? In Discord, they solve this problem through Channels. In your own Server, you can create Channels that act as group chats dedicated for many things - such as tasks, and fun conversations. In the Remotasks Server, we have Channels dedicated for announcements and all kinds of Tasks. 
  • Create Dedicated Group Chats: Instead of creating your own Server, you can also create dedicated group chats with your own peers in Discord. In the Remotasks Server, this means you and other Taskers can create your own group chats to act as a support group while doing Tasks.
  • Audio And Video Call Support: Discord can accommodate audio and video calls, allowing you and other Remotaskers to converse with each other as needed.
  • Dedicated Streaming And Screen Share: Discord also accommodates streaming and screen sharing amongst peers, allowing trainers to help new Remotaskers get acquainted to their roles.  

How Do I Sign Up?

It’s very easy signing up on Discord! Here are the steps you should follow:

To get started, click here. You'll be directed to the Remotasks Discord page. Next, create a username, and click continue.
Next, add your email address and password to claim your Discord account.
Click the "x" to hide the confirmation email message.

You're all set to start using Discord. Introduce yourself to the community by sending a brief introduction to the #👋welcome Discord channel.

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