Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: Alwatan (October 2020)

Alwatan is like any other student. He’s currently in uni taking a degree in Renewable Energy and Biofuels Technology, with a passion for chess and rugby on the side. Outside classes, Alwatan heads straight home, spends time with his family, and always tries to learn new things given the chance. So with the global pandemic and lockdown underway in 2020, it’s natural for Alwatan to try to find something new to spend his time outside online classes.

This opportunity came in the form of Remotasks - Alwatan officially became a Remotasker around January 2020, and it’s been his full-time gig ever since. However, how exactly does a student fare as a Remotasker?

“This Is The Way To Go”

Alwatan had dragged himself to a new life of adventure outside his quiet home life in Nairobi, Kenya courtesy of a friend, and an ad in social media.

“I discovered it (Remotasks) in a fun way,” Alwatan prefaced. “My friend saw an ad on Facebook and told me, ‘let’s try it!’ and it seems like a legit thing.”

Alwatan and his friend weren’t going to try Remotasks out of random, though. “We were looking for something to make a little money,” he said. “It was a bit hard, [and] I thought it was a scam!”

“But when I saw the payment in my PayPal, I said - ‘this is the way to go.’”

By then, Alwatan got himself into a completely new world.

Life Needs Challenges

“Challenges are what makes life interesting,” Alwatan answered when asked about his favorite saying. “I like this because I love challenges, and I love meeting things that can keep my mind juggling.”

After he completed his first task, he registered and got invited to a Bootcamp where he met other moderators and coordinators from Kenya.

“Since I started the training and got stuck somewhere, I got invited to the Bootcamp and it was two weeks of fun,” he said.

Remotasks has a Bootcamp that offered Remotaskers the opportunity to do live training with other members and a moderator to teach them the ropes. “And by the time of the two weeks, I was an experienced tasker,” Alwatan continued.

Night Shift Is For Friends

By the time he got into Remotasks, Alwatan would spend after-school doing tasks with his new friends. Since he got to school after 4PM, he would spend another eight to ten hours or so working on tasks - finishing his projects at around 12AM or even 2AM.

It’s not all about work, though. For Alwatan, his best memories with Remotasks always were with the community.

“I met a lot of friends in Remotasks,” he said. “I spend whole nights with my team and we help each other with training scenarios. Helping each other out is the most memorable thing for me.”

It’s perhaps his desire to help others with their own challenges that motivates Alwatan to keep on helping others. He explained that aside from his Discord DMs, his fellow Taskers have a WhatsApp group - Usiku Sacco OG - which roughly translates to “night shift” in Kenya.

In their group, Alwatan and his fellow Taskers stay on 24/7 where they help each other.

“I remember nights where we translate and help each other out during scenarios,” Alwatan said. “That moment’s unforgettable!”

An Active Body, An Active Mind

While some might consider Alwatan just an active member of the community, people should also consider circumstances surrounding Alwatan and his state of mind.

In our interview, Alwatan emphasized his love for rugby and active sports - something he said he always tries to do on the regular. And while his sports kept Alwatan fit, it turns out regular exercise does have benefits to everyone - not just athletes.

If you want to be as active and engaging as Remotasker Rockstars, you might want to consider incorporating exercise into your daily routine as Taskers. Here are some visible benefits of incorporating exercise to your everyday life:

  • Alleviate stress. Perhaps the most visible benefit of exercise is alleviating stress, which helps professionals feel less strained - physically and mentally - as their bodies and minds become better-equipped to handle day-to-day matters.
  • Improved concentration and mental stamina. Exercising at least around 15 to 30 minutes everyday can help you have better mental stamina and concentration to do various tasks at work. Exercise encourages the brain to release various neurotransmitters that alleviates stress, which frees up the mind to do other tasks.
  • Faster learning and sharper memory. Aside from better concentration, exercise also encourages the brain to free up space for learning. Without the strain of stress, professionals can find it much easier to remember necessary things to get the job done.
  • Better creativity, cognition. Perhaps most importantly, the release of endorphins and the clearing of stress from the mind does open up the brain for more creativity activity. In projects such as Remotasks, Remotaskers need to be on the lookout for creative ways to resolve their tasks - and exercise may pave the way for the mental clarity to do so.

What’s The #MORE Awards?

We at Remotasks know it’s not easy doing tasks, especially if you have other things to do outside our projects. As such, our team uses the #MORE Awards as a means for us to show our appreciation to Remotasks Rockstars like Alwatan who go above and beyond in helping others be successful in their own endeavors as well.

Thanks to the #MORE Awards, the Remotasks team has a way of actively saying a big “Thank you!” to our wonderful community. Moreover, we’re sharing the stories of these amazing taskers to show everyone that anyone can be a Remotasker - be it a student like Alwatan, or in any walk of life like the others.

Can I Join Remotasks?

If you’re a student like Alwatan or just someone with a lot of free time in front of the computer, you can definitely make the most out of your day by doing tasks in Remotasks. You can join Alwatan and other Remotaskers in our team of 10,000+! You can sign up for free, get onboarded in less than an hour, and start earning!

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