Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: Amanda (May 2021)

Amanda hails from Brazil, and is perhaps the only - if not one of the very few - Brazilian Remotaskers in the Remotasks platform. While this would make any other person a bit shy, this didn’t stop Amanda from trying to make more friends - and her can-do attitude has infected a lot of her colleagues to become a force of brightness to the Remotasks Community. 

And today, Amanda hasn’t stopped showing her love to help other people - and it’s her drive to help that earned her the spot to become May 2021’s Most Outstanding Remotasker (#MORE) Awardee! However, what exactly happened to Amanda throughout her Remotasks journey?

Curiosity Helped The Cat Earn Extra

Amanda always considered herself the curious type, and she’s always out to discover new things. She loves watching movies and series, and reads whenever she has the time. However, her curiosity reflects in her love for photography.

“I like to photograph!” she exclaimed in the interview. “Photography is my escape, and it’s one of the hobbies that I’m fond of so much.”

And unlike the quote about curiosity killing the cat, it’s curiosity that led Amanda to Remotasks. Funnily enough, she discovered the platform during one of the usual times we all surf the Internet.

“I was basically surfing on Facebook and I saw a post talking about Remotasks,” she said. And like any other curious cat, she joined. “First of all, I found the platform a bit different - but when I tried some of the tasks, I got to like them.”

As fate would have it, news of the pandemic soon came. “And when we got locked down a week later, I now had the time to work on Remotasks,” she said.

People Can Change Impressions

After joining Remotasks back in March 2020, Amanda celebrates her first year in Remotasks while looking back to new ways of meeting new friends. “I thought it’s just going to be doing tasks and earning,” she said. “But as soon as I started to embrace the tasks and when I got promoted and being invited to the Bootcamp, I started meeting friends and liked helping them too.”

It’s the fact that she got to help people that ultimately changed her perception towards the platform. “I didn’t originally see Remotasks this way - it’s just a working platform for me,” she said. “Now, I get to meet other people from other cultures as well. I’m from Brazil but most of my friends here are from the Philippines!”

Always Towards Helping Those In Need

Amanda gets to help her fellow Remotaskers over in the Remotasks Discord Server - be it through replies in channels, or through direct messages. And when asked why she loved helping others, Amanda seemed attached to the idea of altruism in itself more than anything else.

“I think if you help them, they can start working better and we can have more accuracy on projects,” she said. “That, if we give them high expectations on a project, they can feel better when they finally get to succeed on them.

And when asked about her aspirations in Remotasks, Amanda still thought of how she can help others become better Taskers.

“I think if given the chance, maybe I can get promoted as a Trainer to be able to help more people,” she said. “I really like to help Remotaskers, and I think this can be a future for me.”  

Taking A Breather To Solve Problems

Amanda said she always tries to find the most efficient way to solve tasks to get the best marks she could achieve. 

“When I work on a project, I want to do it in the best way possible,” she added. “[I learn] how to do it, and [I figure out] how I can help others in need.”

And this has a lot to do with her personal approach to problems.

“Sometimes, when I see some things are difficult, I take a step back and think of it in the big picture. What should I do and how should I do it properly? I take a deep breath and do it again.”

How Can I Join A Team Like Remotasks?

If you’re interested in knowing more about the team that made Amanda’s stay worthwhile, then you ought to check out Remotasks! Our platform has more than 10,000 people worldwide - and we’re always looking for more members! 

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