Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: Bojiekoy (July 2020)

Remotaskers will remember Bojiekoy for being that Black Stallion (that’s the name of a team!) Trainer with a knack for video games, guitar, and travel. Hailing from Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines, Bojiekoy has been working in Remotasks full-time for the past three years. Having won the Most Outstanding Remotasker (#MORE) Award for August 2020, the Remotasks Team got to interview Bojiekoy on a lot of aspects in his life. And interestingly, Bojiekoy proves that sometimes, life’s best moments catch us by surprise.

Humble Beginnings: Is It A Game?

Bojiekoy fondly recalled his first foray into Remotasks - which is similar to how any gamer would try out a game that’s similar to the one they’re playing.

“A friend invited me,” Bojiekoy said, recalling his experience. “And after seeing that the controls of Remotasks are like playing PUBG (a battle royale game), I accepted the invitation and gave it a shot.”

And again, like any video game, Bojiekoy’s parents weren’t too fond of the idea of joining Remotasks either. “I also told my parents about this (Remotasks), and they initially thought it’s a scam. However, I told them about my friend and his earnings,” he continued. “So what my father did was he got a laptop under home credit, and I had to pay for it monthly [with my earnings].”

Bojiekoy said he wasn’t even sure he could pull it off. “But I managed to pay for my laptop eventually,” he said, still in disbelief. “I managed to get my own dream gaming rig as well with my earnings!”

A Pioneer Of Community Experience

It wasn’t all sunshines and rainbows for Bojiekoy, though. Like with any kind of work setup, the first month with Remotasks became a challenge for Bojiekoy.

“I was working by myself back then. I had no one to ask questions because I didn’t know we had a Slack channel at the time,” he said. “My trainer back then just set up a training session for me and a couple of other newbies. I went home with my laptop and an account, and that’s when I started.”

This was back in the 2018s, when the main Remotasks communication channel was still Slack. Given how Remotasks was still in its infancy back then, a lot of things were still in the pipeline. The Bootcamp Training of modern Remotasks wasn’t even a thing then, and it was Bojiekoy and his peers that actually pushed for the program’s implementation.

“I became one of the pioneers of Bootcamp Training back in December 2018,” he said. And it’s thanks to Bojiekoy and his friends that Remotaskers can enjoy the benefits of call-based training. Unlike the manual-dependent Training Center, Bootcamp Training had Remotaskers do live training with a mentor and fellow Remotaskers.

A Knack For Mentoring

As a Trainer himself, Bojiekoy owed a lot of his memorable times in Remotasks with the training and sessions he’s had with other Remotaskers - both in the form of formal trainees and people who just ask him questions. It’s also the small moments - the feeling of having company - that made tough days worthwhile.

“I used to work 18 hours a day, and sometimes I feel overly fatigued,” Bojiekoy said. “Discord is extremely helpful, as I got to talk to people who are experiencing the same situation as I was. I always encourage them to rest.”

It seems Bojiekoy’s penchant for helping already extended a few years back. Before Discord became the go-to communications channel for Remotasks, Bojiekoy was already helping new Taskers master the ropes with both Discord’s channel system and Remotasks’ new University (the precursor to the Training Center).

In fact, Bojiekoy and his friends in Remotasks made their own Discord group so they can engage in active discussions. He used to add active members in their community to help them learn - and he’s always been invested in learning from others as well.

“I see myself in them,” he recalled. “I remember searching for someone to help me before. So when people ask me anything, I don’t ignore them and I give time for all of their questions. [While I’m trained] in a specific task, I got so used to answering questions that it’s become a reflex for me [to study other tasks]. I feel bad whenever I don’t get to answer questions [that] I know the answers to.”

He extends this philosophy to his trainees. “I also tell them that if they see Taskers having questions, I want them to interact with them. So if I’m not there, there are still others that will respond and help.”

The People Made All The Difference

Ever since, Bojiekoy has always kept an open channel to anyone who needed help. “I try to study all the tasks, so I always have links to modules,” Bojiekoy started. “When people see you’re active in a channel, they’ll likely message you and ask some questions. I don’t want them to wait for too long when they reach me, so I study the instructions of other tasks even if I don’t teach that particular task.”

However, perhaps what’s more interesting is his main philosophy regarding training.

“I encourage people to be open-minded,” Bojiekoy said. “Just because I’m a Trainer doesn't mean I know everything. I ask what’s the right answer for questions I don’t know - and when one question has a lot of answers, the answer that people point to will likely be the right one.”

It’s also the evolution of the Remotasks Community that motivated Bojiekoy to continue his pursuit of training. “What’s great is that a lot of people are willing to help and answer questions, even if you don’t know each other,” he said.

“You can meet new friends, too! You can learn a lot from them - things and topics related or unrelated to Remotasks, since you get to interact with a ton of people and meet a lot of friends.”

Spontaneity Has Its Benefits

When asked about his and his friend’s Discord group, Bojiekoy couldn’t help but give a sad smile. “Unfortunately, that group wasn’t as active now because it came to a point that everyone knew what they were doing, so no one was chatting there anymore.”

“We can’t avoid it, though - why would they ask if they’re already good, right?” Bojiekoy explained. “It’s still sad, though, since I have a lot of memories of that group.”

Interestingly, it’s Bojiekoy spontaneity that prompted him to join Remotasks, and his spontaneity to add active group members in their Discord community that made all the difference to his experience. If there’s anything Bojiekoy teaches with his experience, it’s that spontaneity has its perks. And for us Remotaskers at home, a bit of spontaneity can go a long way to make things more worthwhile. After all, when Bojiekoy gave Remotasks a shot, he got to meet so many wonderful people - so what can a little spontaneity do for us? According to Lifehack, here are some visible benefits of spontaneity:

  • We stay fresh and flexible. When we’re spontaneous, we try to do something new. We can spice up the day by doing something different, and we’re starting to become more flexible and adjust our day-to-day routine. In Remotasks, we can become more flexible and fresh by trying out different tasks every now and then, and even spicing up the breaks we have in between. We don’t always have to read a new book or watch the same show. Sometimes, we can throw a little exercise routine, or even eat with our friends over a call!
  • We get more creative. Spontaneity helps us break through our boundaries and get our ideas out there. We don’t always just “stop” to think - we just do whatever comes to our mind. If it’s not going to be harmful to us or to other people, why not do it? In your free time, you can start a blog or even just try to find a “design inspo” for your home office.
  • We get happier and get less stressed out. Spontaneity gives us feelings of flexibility, freshness, and flexibility that helps us alleviate and relieve us from stressful situations. This takes getting used to, but sometimes, some of life’s problems can become a little bearable when we try to even out the odds by trying a new strategy or take to the problem at hand. Spontaneous people can think about these things more freely and become happier in the process. In Remotasks, sometimes we just need a little creativity to solve even the trickiest of tasks - and it becomes all the more fulfilling.

What’s The #MORE Award?

In Remotasks, we don’t want to “just pay” our Taskers for the work they accomplish. We want to foster a community spirit, and a lot of Remotaskers help our Support Agents, Moderators, and Administrators extend that feeling of community and family to the rest of the Remotasks family. The #MORE Award is our way of acknowledging the efforts of Remotaskers such as Bojiekoy who take the time to train Remotaskers and assist others in their needs.

And for us, it’s worthwhile sharing Bojiekoy’s story to help others see not just Bojiekoy the fun Trainer, but Bojiekoy who took a risk in Remotasks and was rewarded for believing.

I Want To Get Into Remotasks!

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