Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: Lee (February 2021)

A lot of people might look at Lee and see a gamer with a love for everything about technology. However, while living in Cavite, Philippines, Lee proves that distance doesn't matter when it comes to providing a helping hand to his fellow Remotaskers. Being the Most Outstanding Remotasker (#MORE) Awardee for February 2021, Lee opens up about some of his experiences before joining Remotasks and during his time with the platform.

Outside Remotasks, Lee is an avid gamer and loves learning about new technologies. “I started [gaming] in the old days with MU Online, then RAN Online, and then CABAL Online,” he said. “Nowadays, I play War Machine: Tank Battles (mobile), but I can’t play much because I spend most of my time in Remotasks.”

Interestingly, Lee didn’t discover Remotasks from his gaming companions or other friends. In fact, one might say Lee’s discovery of Remotasks was through chance - and his life changed ever since.

A Chance Encounter

Prior to discovering Remotasks, Lee is already working with his mother in managing a computer cafe. In fact, Lee discovered Remotasks through a chance encounter, courtesy of his brother.
Lee explained that his brother originally attempted the Bootcamp in Taft, Manila. However, given the distance between Cavite and Manila, his brother couldn’t finish his sessions in time and had to attend in spurts. So when he discovered there was going to be a Bootcamp in their province, he convinced Lee to accompany him.

“I went there knowing that the program is about AI, but I have no idea about the Bootcamp,” Lee explained. “I only learned about it when I got there.”

Interestingly, Lee actually served as one of the members of the first batch of the Cavite Bootcamp. While Lee's brother recommended Remotasks to him, Lee had still done his due diligence and researched about the platform as soon as he finished attending the Bootcamp.
“I did my research online about Remotasks if it’s legit, and most of the feedback says it is,” Lee said. “My first impressions did change, though! I learned soon after that the more you enhance your skills and learning, the more pay would come in terms of new opportunities such as projects.”

The Help Of Support Networks

While others could see Lee as a regular Remotasker, others look to him for support and guidance. In his two years with Remotasks, Lee has managed to get into Remotasker positions that offer more complex tasks with higher pay, courtesy of his training.

Despite being a regular Remotasker himself, Lee finds motivation in helping others as he’s been in their position - especially as a newcomer. For instance, Lee considered his time with the Bootcamp quite a memorable experience with regards to helping fellow Remotaskers.

“During onsite Bootcamp in Cavite, it was fun interacting with the kind Trainers and it was fun getting to know fellow Bootcampers,” he said. “It’s really a fun time of question sharing and knowledge sharing. There's pressure when taking the critical exam, too. I hope after the pandemic, we get to have Bootcamps again. It's really a different experience.”

Beyond the Bootcamp, Lee also said it was extremely easy making friends on the platform. He shared that he and his friends are a part of a Philippine-based Discord group dedicated to helping Remotaskers from the country.

“We also have a Discord Server called Remo Ask PH where we help each other,” Lee explained. “We want to prioritize helping every one of us get used to Remotasks, especially since newbies need to adapt quickly to our tasks and projects.”

Success In Teams: How To Make A Support Network

Regardless if you’ve ever worked in an office or not, chances are you’ve felt stressed over something you needed to do - be it for work, or even for school. These obligations such as projects, tasks, or even reports, can feel overwhelming at times - especially when you do these things under pressure or under a lot of expectations. If you ever find yourself in these situations, you may have noticed that your coworkers and friends have become the people you rely on to help you calm your nerves and ease the pressure of these tasks.

Thanks to these support networks, you can find the necessary emotional support to manage stress and ease the burden of life’s difficulties. According to the American Psychological Association, you can find a support network in a variety of means:

  • Find a support group: If you have particular concerns over a particular issue or dilemma, perhaps the best people to help are those who are experiencing the same thing. Chances are, these individuals have support groups already available to provide assistance to those who feel alone in their situation. In the case of work, you can confide in your work colleagues. In other matters, you might be surprised to find a support group just waiting for you to approach them.
  • Help can come from anywhere: Interestingly, a support network can also come from people you don’t expect. Aside from work colleagues, these can come in the form of family members, close friends, or even that close neighbor that understands your situation. Moreover, you can even make an effort to make the most out of your relationships - as sometimes, even the act of helping others can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Capitalize on technology: Just because you need a support network doesn’t necessarily mean you need to meet them or be with them in person. Thanks to technology, you can talk to others via video calls or even chat and messages.

The Remotasks Community: We’re Here For You

Here in Remotasks, we ensure that we have various mechanisms in place to help our Remotaskers cope with challenging tasks and projects, as well as to help newcomers adjust to a work-from-home setup. After all, it’s not easy working on tasks in front of a computer with no one to talk to about them. Here are ways how you can capitalize on the Remotasks Community to get a support network regarding your work with us:

  • Participate in the chat channels: One of the first things you’ll see when you join Remotasks is a link to join or Discord Server. This Server has all the channels you need should you want to reach out to fellow Remotaskers - from channels dedicated to tasks, to channels dedicated to your location. That way, you can talk to fellow Remotaskers located in your area or even talk with Trainers who specialize in doing the tasks you’re having difficulty with.
  • Join the Remotasks Bootcamp: If you’re experiencing some difficulties in doing tasks and projects, you can actually join various Bootcamp sessions. These are live training sessions where actual Trainers have schedules dedicated to teaching various Remotaskers on the various intricacies of certain tasks. Thanks to Bootcamps, you may be able to feel as though you’re an active part of a team, as you’ll also get to meet like-minded individuals interested in building a life with Remotasks.
  • Interact with others in the Community Forums: If you’re a bit shy to chat with someone live, you can also interact with others in the Community Forums. Whereas chat is our live medium to talk with each other, you can also use the Community Forums to ask questions or check for clarifications on issues you’re experiencing. We have Mods and other Remotaskers that are extremely active and helpful in the forums, so there’s always a guarantee that you’ll get an answer to a question you have about Remotasks.
  • Form private groups with Remotasks friends to work on projects: If you want a more private group experience, you can actually form private groups with your friends and discuss projects and tasks over a group chat or a group call. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’re working over the same projects with a common group, and it can be a bonding experience to learn from each other.

How Can I Join A Team Like Remotasks?

If you’re interested in joining a team such as Remotasks, you can actually still be a part of our community of more than 10,000 members! As a Remotasker, you get free training in the form of our Training Center courses and our live Bootcamp Training. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose your own tasks and projects without the pressure of deadlines! With our free registration, you can get onboarded and set up to earn money with our tasks and projects in less than an hour!

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