Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: Maxwel (August 2020)

Remotaskers like Maxwel stumbled upon Remotasks thanks to a friend - and as a student back in 2018, a little side gig to help him extra won’t exactly hurt, right? Moreover, as someone who loves surfing the internet, getting online to do a bit of Remotasks while catching up with the news and other interesting things in cyberspace wasn’t that hassling for him. However, Maxwel’s stay in Remotasks got prolonged not just out of the sheer practicality of Remotasks as an earnings platform. It’s his friends he’s made inside - and those outside that he’s brought into Remotasks - that made all the difference for him.

Today, Maxwel is now a full-time Remotasker, and fully devotes himself to helping his fellow Taskers. Sometimes, he organizes calls with them with their local groups. In some instances, he goes out of his room just to meet with them - as a lot of his fellow Remotaskers live right there in his community. How did this happen?

Humble Beginnings: We Made It!

Hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, Maxwel was in his last year of his Bachelor in Procurement and Contractor Management when a friend from internship suggested he and his other friends try Remotasks.

“I’ve had a lot of interest at the time because it can help me get extra money and help me pay my bills,” Maxwel said. “We were initialy skeptical as we didn’t know it was real. However, we tried since there’s no harm in trying.”

This “no harm in trying” resulted in Maxwel getting the satisfaction of receiving money in his PayPal account after struggling with his first task.

“We were struggling back then and have done the examination,” Maxwel said. “When we passed the test, I did my first task. I was actually surprised that they sent my earnings to my PayPal. We all thought - ‘wow, we made it!’ and ‘wow, it’s real!’”

And for Maxwel, this satisfaction in recieving his pay - and the next ones - were worth the while considering Remotasks’ rather growing infrastructure back then. “My best memorable experience was definitely the first few months,” he said. “They were difficult because I had no idea about the channels (Slack) and how everything works. It came too fast.”

Building A Community, One Literal Step At A Time

Considering the lack of a concrete communication system in Remotasks back then, Maxwel and his friends took up the challenge and tried to form systems of their own. Maxwel’s approach to helping others back then remained the same now.

“I got several WhatsApp groups and I’m in most of the Discord channels - so if anyone gets a problem, they can DM me and ask what the problem is,” Maxwel said. “If it’s complicated and I can’t explain, I simply create a Zoom meeting or a Google Meet sesison where they share the screen and I show them how to do it.”

However, what’s more interesting is just how tight-knit Maxwel and his friends are - to the point that it extends to their entire community.

“My best memory [with friends] is that we enjoy walking together,” Maxwel said. “We also call each other - I’ll call them and they call me. I meet regularly with fellow Taskers. Before the pandemic, we meet in a cafe and work together, and even learn about Remotasks. If someone is good in other tasks, we teach each other live.”

In fact, Maxwel’s gotten to the point of encouraging a lot of his relatives and friends to join Remotasks. He encouraged his elder brothers to do it, and he even wanted to teach his mother how to do it! Perhaps what’s more interesting is what happened to his place of residence.

“Working is important, especially this time when there’s a pandemic,” he said. “Most jobs are lost and I told them there’s no need to worry - they can come and I can teach them how to do it (tasks). In the apartment where I’m staying, 60 people are doing Remotasks and are paying their rent with it!”

Starting Small, Dreaming Big

At first glance, Maxwel’s approach seems pretty straightforward - and a lot of effort comes from his end. However, it seems Maxwel’s motivation stems from something he’s experienced back when he was also starting.

“The most motivation I get from helping others is that I started from nowhere. Back then, I and two other friends were struggling and I wanted to share how we made it. If I teach others or tell them what to do, I can learn from them as they learn from me. It makes things easier. In the future, we can exchange ideas and learn from each other. Learning from others is also learning more.”

For Maxwel, big things start in small steps. “We have to start and as we progress, we aim higher and we should never tire on something we want to achieve,” he said.

He shared some key moments where this philosophy applies to his life. Back then, Maxwel struggled as he had an unstable PC and spotty internet. “I had to save money and buy a good PC, and move to a better place with better internet,” Maxwel explained. “If you put more effort into it, we can make it. Never tire on something we want to achieve.”

Fostering Community Spirit

Anyone who hears Maxwel’s story will be delighted to learn about the ins-and-outs of Kenya’s strong Remotasks community. After all, it seems members who belong to different nationalities in Remotasks do have a strong sense of community, and it’s a wonderful feeling to learn that Remotasks has been an instrument in helping our Taskers transcend cultures and build a tight-knit community.

However, building a community is also a focal point in any company culture. While Remotasks is more of a platform than an “office,” knowing that we can build a community within the platform is a great way to instill a sense of purpose and camaraderie to other Remotaskers. As per Pandle, here are other benefits of building a community within the workplace:

  • Community builds a sense of purpose. One of the most important elements of building a community is building a sense of purpose. When a team knows exactly what they’re doing for a company, the likelier it is for them to stick together and get the job done. For Remotasks, it’s to help other teams build better technologies.
  • Involvement builds a sense of belonging. Another focal point of building a community is to instill a sense of belonging to employees. In the case of Remotaskers, programs such as the Bootcamp Training and Remotaskers organizing their own calls and get-togethers can build a sense of belonging and camaraderie, which can help make work more exciting.
  • Teamwork builds a shared goal. When we work from home, we often tend to feel alone and isolated - and in turn, things become a routine and “without purpose.” With a community like in Remotasks, we can help unite towards a common goal - to be able to do tasks and “master” them. Thanks to a team of friends we can call our comrades, challenging tasks cna become much easier to handle.

What’s The #MORE Awards?

Our Most Outstanding Remotasker (#MORE) Award is the Remotasks way of giving thanks to our most active community members. It’s no little effort to actually make time to accommodate various newcomers and helping them acclimate within the Remotasks environment - and we want to acknowledge just how awesome these standout members are.
While we’re all working from home with Remotasks, we still want to take time to praise and express our gratitude to wonderful people like Maxwel who help make the Remotasks Community a more welcoming place for both newcomers and vets alike.

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