Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: Ndiema (November 2020)

People working with Remotasks come from many walks of life - other Remotaskers work with Remotasks full-time, while others do tasks on the side on top of other gigs. In the case of Ndiema from Kenya, he’s studying on top of his assigned tasks.

Currently in his third year of his Mechanical Engineering degree, Ndiema uses Remotasks as an opportunity to earn extra for his needs. As your typical student, Ndiema studies in the day. At nights, Ndiema returns to school or uses a computer in the nearby cyber cafe to do his tasks. During the weekends, he boots up his laptop to do tasks. And just like any other person, Ndiema loves his social media, traveling, cooking, and even playing video games.

However, what perhaps made Ndiema stand out as November 2020’s Most Outstanding Remotasker (#MORE) Awardee is showing the truth that perseverance sometimes is the key to go beyond any of life’s challenges.

A Newcomer Ready To Make A Difference

Prior to November 2020, Ndiema has been doing tasks in Remotasks for the past five months. When Ndiema’s friend Felix introduced the platform to him, he was already working a side job at a cyber cafe. Back then, Ndiema assisted with photocopying, printing documents, and other services.

He already thought Remotasks was the real deal when Felix described what he was doing and how he was earning from doing tasks. Ndiema appreciated the prospect of being able to earn extra.

“I actually got more interested in working on the tasks as I saw an opportunity to make some money,” Ndiema said. “So far, what I have earned has helped me to pay bills, buy food, and do my daily errands.”

However, it seems Ndiema’s efforts to make ends meet also allowed him to make a difference in the lives of others.  

Sometimes, Friends Make All The Difference

Like other Remotaskers, Ndiema has made quite a few new connections during his stay in Remotasks. “I’ve made a lot of friends in Remotasks, especially here in Kenya,” he said. “I’ve also made a few friends in the Philippines, Nigeria, Morocco - all of which I regularly communicate with via Discord.”

And it seems Ndiema isn’t just friendly because he’s within reach of Remotasks’ communications channels. Ndiema added that sometimes, it’s friends that actually motivate him to work much harder.

“I remember back when I started working on Remotasks, me and my friends from home used to set ourselves a weekly target to achieve,” he said. He added that some of them took a whole week to achieve those targets, while others challenge themselves to pull this off overnight.

"We motivate each other, and with time the tasks got easier for us to work on," Ndiema said.

This attitude towards helping others actually spread through the community. Ndiema said that since most of his first Remotasks friends are friends and neighbors, he can easily show them how to do tasks upfront. Sometimes, he uses WhatsApp to connect with his fellow Kenyans. Ndiema also takes time to accommodate Remotaskers outside Kenya via Discord.

“I am passionate about helping people,” he said. “I believe in helping others in whichever way I can. It gives me joy to know that I have assisted the Remotasks community.”

Perseverance Despite Challenges

“Birds don’t just fly, they fall down and get up,” Ndiema answered when asked about what quote inspired him the most. He said he feels this saying has helped him overcome some hurdles, especially when it comes to doing projects and tasks that seem difficult. In the face of hardship, challenges might actually encourage others not to give up.

He elaborates on this further, adding: “When you keep working on the tasks, they become a part of you. This is the same as when I see certain difficult tasks, I just become happy like I have seen my friend.”


What’s The #MORE Awards?

We at Remotasks can’t just stand by and let Rockstars like Ndiema do all the work but never get any credit! With the #MORE Awards, we can finally give Ndiema and other Remotasks Rockstars the big thank you that they deserve! Aside from acknowledgment from the whole Remotasks team and the people they help, we want to use the #MORE Awards as a vehicle to help us better acknowledge the great work Ndiema and others like him do for the community.

Hopefully, the #MORE Awards let both upcoming and existing Remotaskers know that the Remotasks Team won’t stop at nothing to ensure that all their hard work are recognized and acknowledged.

How Can I Join Remotasks?

Curious about the work Ndiema and other Remotaskers do? You can still join us in Remotasks! Thanks to our free registration and fast onboarding process, you can get set up and trained to do tasks in just an hour or two! Join us now and start earning!

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