Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: Oriola (January 2021)

Some people who look at Oriola might think he already has a lot on his plate, considering he’s currently in his final year of studying law. However, his family, peers, and fellow colleagues know that behind his calm exterior is a drive to constantly pursue new challenges and improve himself. It’s through this desire to better himself and help others achieve their potential that Oriola won the #MORE (Most Outstanding Remotasker) Award for January 2021.

After all, the best way to start the new year is through thanking everyone who’s helped us get this far - and to aspire to conquer new challenges. With the #MORE Awards, Remotasks now has a means of thanking its community of hardworking Remotaskers for their contributions to the betterment of modern AI technologies. And through the #MORE Awards, the Remotasks team can finally acknowledge the outstanding efforts of Taskers like Oriola and their contributions to the community.

Small Beginnings Start With One Step

Louienette discovered Remotasks back in August to September 2020.

Before Remotasks, Oriola was a 24-year-old student of law at Ekiti State University. At first glance, he’s your typical prayerful student with a love for reading and surfing the internet, especially to get new information. However, his faith and love for learning new things made him quite fitting for the ever-evolving environment in Remotasks.

In 2018, Oriola stumbled upon Remotasks while searching online for sites to work on. After thorough reading, he himself decided to register and try things out. At first glance, Oriola already had a good feeling about the site.

“Remotasks were different from other sites, so I did not think it was a scam,” Oriola said. “I also received my payout on Paypal after I worked on a few tasks. I was shocked and happy that it was legit.”

To Keep Going After That First Step

Back when Oriola started, he worked on Remotasks whenever he had the time - especially outside campus. Unfortunately, Oriola did have to stop his work with Remotasks because of some problems. However, he did return strong - now working hard more than ever. And for Oriola, his first impression for Remotasks didn’t change - especially now that he’s been working with more tasks.

“Since I joined RTPlus, I’m more impressed with it than when I started,” he said. RTPlus or Remotasks Plus is a new Remotasks initiative that provides easier-access to various tasks and a more streamlined payment system.

For Oriola, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. “Whatever you want to do, you have to start first and keep it going,” he said.

With this philosophy, Oriola has begun helping his fellow Remotaskers whenever he could. “I just feel happy helping people and I feel good that they are also able to earn money from Remotasks,” he said. In terms of his methods of helping, he elaborated on a couple of steps as well.

“I have a Youtube channel where I post information about Remotasks,” he said. “I also have a WhatsApp group and sometimes we have class on Google Meet. We also meet a few times on Discord as well,” he added.

It seems Oriola also applies his philosophy of “keeping it going” even in terms of his tips for both new and older Remotaskers. For him, beginners should start with annotation tasks that will help them learn more about the basic principles of most tasks. Meanwhile, older Remotaskers should do the more complex and technical 3D tasks, as they do merit higher earnings despite their time-consuming nature.

Achieving Excellence Through Adversity

For others, Oriola’s approach to “keep going” seems to come straight out of a video game. After all, not everyone who faces a challenging level would push through. Why even bother with a difficult level that’s clearly beyond our skill, right? However, Oriola’s mindset of pulling through and persevering is a good mindset everyone can carry inside and outside of Remotasks.

According to Psychology Today, obstacles and challenges remain an ever-present part of our daily life. However, there are a means to be able to conquer them, to learn from them, and to come out much stronger and wiser after conquering these challenges.

Perception of challenges makes a huge difference. People look at challenges and adversity in different ways:

  • Others see obstacles as threats, or signs that they can’t succeed in what they want.
  • Oftentimes, others see obstacles as methods for growth or problems that simply need solving.
  • Our perception towards challenges can either hinder or help our growth. If we see obstacles as the world being against us, then it’s likely that we will get overwhelmed.

For instance, feelings of shame, fear, or even painful emotions when facing obstacles can hinder us from overcoming them. We might lose our passion or resign ourselves to the feeling that we can’t “pull through.”

Remotasks, And Tackling Challenges

However, it’s important to remember that achieving our dreams involves getting past through our obstacles.

In Remotasks, a lot of Remotaskers will notice that challenging and complex 3D Tasks often yield the highest pay. They aren’t difficult because the team is making a Tasker’s life miserable, though. These tasks are challenging because they require a certain amount of attention that only a Remotasker could provide.

Essentially, yes - the Remotasks Team provides complex tasks because we wholeheartedly believe that our Remotaskers have the right training and enough resources to do these projects properly. In turn, here are some methods a Remotasker can use to reassure themselves whenever they feel like a task they’re handling is impossible to do:

  • Stop and observe. Once you start feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, try to stop, turn yourself away from the problem, and try to wait for your feelings to calm down. Afterward, try to look at the problem again from the perspective of another person. What would you tell this person if they came to you with the problem they’re facing?
  • Accept the emotions and the problem’s presence. Remember, an obstacle is simply something you need to overcome in order to achieve a goal. Likewise, an obstacle’s perceived difficulty will always force some emotion to appear from you. An important aspect of overcoming a difficult task is to accept its presence and its role in helping you become a better tasker. Remember, a challenging task isn’t just your way to a high payout, it’s also a means for you to hone your skills so you can overcome more difficult tasks to earn a much higher payout.
  • Prepare your mind for problem solving. Once you start accepting your emotions and acknowledging the problem, try to slowly “override” your emotional feelings. Instead of giving up or getting angry, try waiting the situation out until your mind reemerges. You’ll likely be able to open yourself to alternative ideas or creative ways to solve your problem. Thanks to the visual nature of most of our projects in Remotasks, our Remotaskers can find creative ways of analyzing the various elements they’re looking at.
  • Mistakes exist for reevaluation. Another thing we should slowly learn to accept is that it’s normal for us to make mistakes, especially while working towards our goal. We might judge or blame ourselves or other people for our progress - but what’s important are the steps we’re taking to improve ourselves. In Remotasks, these can come in the form of feedback from Reviewers on things we need to change or modify. If we notice that we need to make a lot of changes, we shouldn’t hate ourselves for these mistakes. Rather, we can take the input from the Reviewers and take better note of these points once we encounter tasks of the same variety.

How Can I Join Remotasks?

If you also have a knack for conquering challenges, then perhaps the diverse set of projects and tasks in Remotasks might be enough to test your mettle. Thanks to our easy and free registration system, you can register for an account and get onboarded in less than an hour. Moreover, our flexible projects and tasks means you can choose which tasks to work on, allowing you to control both your time and earnings. That way, you can work on Remotasks while studying, doing other jobs, or while relaxing at home.

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