Tasker Success Managers

Tasker Success Managers (TSMs) are Remotasks brand ambassadors whose purpose is to recruit or get people to sign up on the Remotasks website.

The TSM Role

Tasker Success Managers are expected to do the following:

  • Locate and recruit as many interested Remotaskers as possible. It is recommended that they focus on recruiting within their area. They are allowed to recruit from other places as well as long as it is within their country.
  • Conduct orientation webinar about Remotasks.
  • Encourage new Remotaskers to join 1-day webinars or the Remotasks Bootcamp. TSMs are expected to guide new Remotaskers through the basic steps before, during, and after attending the Remotasks Bootcamp (how to use Google Meet, how to open Discord, and other concerns to help them prepare to do projects).
  • Run their own community. TSMs are expected to check on their recruits every week to see how they’re doing and to remind them about the existing support avenues such as Zendesk and Moderators. 
  • Keeps taskers informed of any updates, changes, or events.
  • Report relevant updates to management. TSMs are expected to make reports regarding issues, concerns, and other feedback that may help Taskers become better in their performance.

How to reach TSM’s

Tasker Success Managers can be reached in both Discord and Slack. The username format is as follows:

  • <Country> TSM <Name> 
  • Ex. PH TSM Maureen

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