5 Career Industries You Can Enter With Your Remotasks Experience

If you’re looking for a great remote working opportunity, chances are you’ve already heard of Remotasks among many other options online. However, the biggest edge being a Remotasker has compared to other jobs is the sheer flexibility that Remotasks offers. After all, not only can you pick which projects you want to work on, but you get to decide when you want to work on them as well. Not only that, but did you know that there’s a way to use your Remotasks experience as a way to enter other career industries?

  1. Artificial Intelligence: The field of artificial intelligence or AI is an immediate recommendation when it comes to career industries for Remotaskers. Should they study their projects carefully enough, Remotaskers may get useful insights towards which kinds of AI processes are worth looking into, and may even motivate them to venture into the AI industries through their original career paths.
  2. Technology: The field of technology as a whole is vastly huge, and all of its aspects are great recommendations for Remotaskers looking for career industries to invest in. While a lot of Remotasks projects have to do with programming for artificial intelligence, programming certainly isn’t the only career path in tech worth investing in. Remotaskers may try going for customer service rep roles, marketing opportunities, and the like. 
  3. Virtual Assistance: Remotasks who want to go full-time with their careers during and after Remotasks might want to dabble into the Virtual Assistance industry. A lot of companies need virtual assistants that can help them do administrative work without having to go to the office - and chances are, you may be able to do this while still doing Remotasks!
  4. Quality Control, Assurance: Another niche field Remotaskers could enter as a secondary career would be Quality Control and Assurance, especially pertaining to their field of expertise. This works well for Remotaskers who have also been Reviewers, as their experience constantly correcting and evaluating Tasks of others could be an impressive addition to their resume.  
  5. Education: Entering into more niche spaces for career prospects for Remotasks would be Education, especially for those who managed to get advanced roles such as Team Leaders and Moderators. The experience Remotaskers can get handling teams teaching fellow Remotaskers could do a great deal of assistance when entering education roles regarding their field of expertise.

Jumpstart Your Career With Remotasks!

Just because you’re working in Remotasks doesn’t mean you no longer have the opportunity to pursue your dreams. As a Remotasker, the Remotasks platform can help you have more than enough time to work on your career goals, especially if you’re able to manage your time properly. With the right planning, you may be able to enter rising and up and coming career industries thanks to your Remotasks experience!

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