Got Pain? 5 Signs You Need To Exercise While Working From Home

If you’re currently enjoying the home office setup with Remotasks, chances are you’re maximizing your earning opportunities on the platform by working as a full-time Remotasker. Alternatively, you can juggle multiple part-time jobs to keep your wits fresh for various tasks. Unfortunately, doing a lot of these jobs in front of the computer can get quite exhausting easily. And you’d be surprised to feel your joints aching once you stand up to catch a break off the computer. However, painful joints aren’t the only warning signs you need to look out for to know you should probably start exercising even when working remotely. 

  • Do you feel fatigued lately? While it should appear easy to work from your desk without breaking a sweat, doing work constantly can still make you feel fatigued. However, feeling extra fatigued with doing the simplest tasks means probably losing out on your fitness. These include feeling lethargic, sickly, and having a rather messed-up metabolism even when doing rather menial tasks at work.
  • Do you experience weight gain? It’s easy to ignore your diet once you start getting the hang of working from your home desk. The occasional coffee, snacking, and even stress eating might seem innocent at first, but not applying the right kind of exercise to maximize the energy you’re getting just puts you at a deficit, therefore increasing your weight and putting you at more risk.
  • Do you fail to get enough sleep? While you might have an easy time doing tasks at work, not having enough exercise might mean having too much or too low of an energy count that you’re finding it too hard or too easy to fall asleep. Keeping yourself active can give you enough dopamine and other necessary neurotransmitters to keep you active whenever you need to focus.
  • Do you have worsening body conditions? Given our age when we start working, it’s definitely reasonable for us to feel pain in our body every so often. This is why we’re always advised to enjoy eating but in moderation, or to take medication as maintenance. However, health isn’t totally just about eating - sometimes, you need exercise to ensure your body can keep up with slight vigorous activity. If you’re finding your body conditions worsening while “not doing anything,” it might be because of exactly that - you’re not doing anything, and it’s time to work out. 

Health Is Wealth: Exercise Can Help Make You A Productive Remotasker!

With the above signs in mind, it’s important to understand just how crucial it is to maintain your health as a remote worker, especially if your work expects you to sit for prolonged periods of time. If you’re experiencing any of the signs above, it may help to incorporate exercises into your daily life as a Remotasker, especially since the Remotasks platform lets you enjoy the ability to select the tasks you want to accomplish and the timeline you want to follow in completing them.

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