Teamwork And Remotasks: 6 Quick Tips To Improve Team Morale

One of the best things about the Remotasks platform is the option to work in teams, be it through the official Remotasks Bootcamp or by just joining other Remotaskers in a group chat. After all, the platform’s flexibility allows you to work on whatever projects you want without any hard deadlines. However, just because you’re in a team for work doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and form bonds with your teammates. In fact, team morale is a huge deal when it comes to ensuring Remotasks isn’t just all about work but also a fun experience for all Remotaskers. 

  1. Co-working lobbies: Teams who want to boost their morale further may want to consider doing co-working lobbies, or a group call where team members can just hop in whenever they want and for as long as they want if they want a “semblance” of a work office environment. Team members can keep their cameras or mics on or off for the duration of their stay. Instead of making this lobby into a meeting, just the idea that team members are working alongside you inside a call can do a great deal to remind everyone that they’re not alone. 
  2. Non-work group chats: If your team is working with a Discord server or a Slack group, perhaps it can help to have a dedicated channel or chat that’s not for work. This free-for-all “fun” or “memes” or “random” channel that contains non-work stuff can become a breath of fresh air for everyone in the team, giving them a space to let some steam out and feel more comfortable while working. 
  3. Happy Hour: Sometimes, everyone just needs an hour or two to unwind and get to know each other better. Teams might want to consider having a “Happy Hour,” or an hour or two’s worth of fun during any given workweek. This may include just a video call of everyone eating and talking about day-to-day activities, or even playing games and similar activities. Doing fun activities together can be just what everybody needs to have a good time. 
  4. Gifts reach the extra mile: If there’s a budget for it, sometimes sending a gift or two to team members can go a long way towards showing your appreciation to their efforts. A memorabilia or swag items such as tokens, pins, shirts, or other accessories may give your team a more concrete sense of identity and can make them see work as something that appreciates them.
  5. Team-building activities: One of the best methods of improving team spirit is through team-building activities. If your team works close to each other, a meetup or even a short vacation where team-building activities such as sports events are emphasized can definitely strengthen camaraderie among each other. If not, virtual options such as watch parties, online game competitions, and even solving puzzles together can become a great way to bond with the rest of the team.
  6. Encourage Me-Time: One of the best ways to improve team morale is by reminding your team members to explore their lives outside work more often. If there are times when you feel a team member is overworking, a little nudge here and there that they’re free to take breaks or leaves or to clock out on time can definitely make a difference to their perception of the workplace. 

Boosting Team Morale: Make Teams More Fun With Activities!

Just because Remotaskers are working in a team doesn’t mean everything has to be about Remotasks. In fact, some teams work efficiently because team members have something more than the work at hand that they use to bond. Thanks to certain activities, Remotaskers can definitely improve team morale and make working together much more fun and worth the while, especially when spending all-nighters with the rest of the team while doing certain projects.

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