6 Reasons Remotasks Can Help You Earn Extra, According To Remotaskers

Today’s COVID-19 pandemic proves one thing - that while working at the office is cool, it’s a whole lot more awesome to work at home. 

After all, you don’t have to worry about the commute, paying for food at work, or the unnecessary hassle of dealing with office politics. And while any home based job can help you provide money for your family, Remotasks sets itself apart from the rest with its accessible earning system that will make you rethink your approach to remote working. 

What’s Remotasks?

At its core, Remotasks is an online earnings platform (read more in our blog!) that pays Remotaskers (that’s you, hopefully!) to do a wide range of tasks. We’re not like other suspicious sites, though! We won’t ask you to do a bunch of surveys for just a few cents, or make you do questionable things without any proof of payment. 

Rather, Remotasks works with various companies and teams to help them with various tech projects - these range from self-driving cars, to smart assistants (think Siri), and even delivery drones. Thanks to our efforts, we’re becoming very close to helping these teams release better smart gadgets and smart products to help with our daily lives. In Remotasks, we help these companies pull off their goals thanks to our tasks, which involves:

  • Identifying and labeling objects, to help self-driving cars know which objects to avoid on the road.
  • Transcribing things from images, to help software AI easily translate things from just a picture or a scanned document.
  • Researching various subjects, to help AI understand which search results we find most meaningful and can help improve smart assistants. 

Due to the confidential nature of these activities, we won’t reveal both our client information and the nature of the projects we’re working with. But if you’re up for the challenge, we’d love to have you on board!

Why Remotasks?

If you want a more direct answer to “why join Remotasks?” then perhaps some of our Remotaskers can help you out. We’ve reached out to some of our Remotaskers to get to know more about their life stories and why they chose Remotasks as their work from home solution, and here are some of the most meaningful answers we’ve gotten from them: 

Genuine platform with real payments. We understand that some Remotaskers might have doubts about Remotasks and its nature as a platform. However, as with Lakshmeesha’s experience, we’re more than willing to pay Remotaskers who submit accurate and quality tasks. We pay our Remotaskers on a weekly basis via Paypal, and we have an internal system that gives Remotaskers a record of incoming and pending payments - making payments extremely transparent and reliable.

Wide range of workflows and learning opportunities. Unlike other earnings platforms, we don’t want our Remotaskers to just do the same thing over and over again. We have free learning resources that allow Remotaskers to learn a wide range of project types - this gives Remotaskers like Dibyadyuti the chance to tackle other tasks that might be easier or more challenging by nature. As a Remotasker, you can choose which tasks to work on and when you want to work them, giving you complete control over your time and your earnings.

Vast earning opportunities with different tasks. We encourage Remotaskers to learn about more project types to give them more opportunities to earn money. Remember, since we pay Remotaskers based on their output, you can earn more money by doing a lot of high-accuracy tasks. Moreover, since some project types are more difficult than others, they also earn more in terms of payouts. We’ve helped Remotaskers like Manoj meet his everyday needs by giving him the power to choose tasks he wants to do to earn him money for his studies.

Get work even as a student or a part-timer. Unlike other online earnings platforms, Remotasks doesn’t demand Remotaskers to have complicated degrees or work full-time. For as long as a Remotasker has an internet connection, a decent laptop, and understands English, you’re good to go! Sahil was a student who was just looking for a part-time job, and now Remotasks has been helping him pay for his various needs. We don’t require Taskers to work on Remotasks full-time, since we leave it up to Remotaskers to decide which tasks they need to work on as of the moment.

Quick solution to being jobless during this pandemic. Let’s face it, today’s pandemic situation has been causing quite a pain to a lot of people, especially when it comes to being laid off at work. Employees like Pavithran lost jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, and Remotasks is here to offer them a quick alternative. Thanks to our speedy onboarding process, you can become a Remotasker in just an hour or two! And since we provide weekly payments, you might be surprised that what you earn working on Remotasks can be the same (or even more!) than what you earn with a regular job.

Control your time and your pacing. Perhaps the most important advantage of working on Remotasks is being your own boss - literally. You control not just the tasks you work on, but when you want to work on them. Remotaskers like Karthick love Remotasks for our efforts to acknowledge our hard workers - since we also provide various bonuses and incentives to Taskers who work on tasks with extremely high quality. If you’re the kind of person who wants to be chill and work at your own pace, that’s totally fine with us, too!

Remotasks Is Your Remote Working Solution

Hopefully, the statements from our Remotaskers above has helped provide you with a better picture of what Remotasks is all about. While our platform supports tech initiatives from various teams and companies, we’re always about forging a healthy community of Remotaskers whose aim is to lift each other up and find better opportunities via Remotasks.

If you’re interested in joining our 10,000+ Remotaskers, feel free to sign up in our website!

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