7 Reasons Remotasks Should Be Your Next Work From Home Gig

Professionals today will likely have to transition to work from home setups due to the COVID pandemic, causing a huge change in workflow and scheduling. And while professionals pre-COVID may have experienced working from home, the many employment options available can make the idea of remote working rather overwhelming for newcomers to the concept. If you’re looking for your next work from home gig, you might want to consider Remotasks instead.

What’s Remotasks?

Remotasks is an earnings platform that provides remote workers with a source of income through tasks and projects that focus on AI and machine learning. Unlike other platforms, Remotasks focuses on providing Remotaskers with tasks such as labelling, annotation, and categorization - all of which are important for AI and smart devices to function properly. Thanks to the efforts of Remotaskers, our clients in the tech scene can create more efficient and effective apps and services. In a few years, our work with Remotasks may pave the way for self-driving cars and other smart applications!

Why choose Remotasks?

If the idea of Remotasks got you intrigued, you might wonder exactly why our platform is an ideal work from home gig for anyone interested in remote working. Here are some of the biggest reasons Remotasks can help you out in your remote working dilemma: 

  • Interested in contributing to new technologies. Unlike other earnings platforms, Remotasks caters to various members of the massive tech scene in Silicon Valley. Essentially, we help various teams and companies improve smart technologies and AI, which makes our projects and tasks also equally challenging for Remotaskers. Thanks to your output, we can help provide valuable human insights to programs and software that could pave the way for better smart assistants, self-driving cars, or even delivery drones. 
  • Ensures you are trained for tasks you are doing. With Remotasks, we don’t let our Remotaskers take on tasks under project types they don’t have training for. In fact, Remotasks always provides Remotaskers with comprehensive instructions and detailed guides in both document and video formats. With this process, Remotasks ensures taskers that they know everything about project types before they do tasks in their queue. 
  • Looking for ways to select your own projects and tasks. In most kinds of remote working setups, prospective employees apply to do specific sets of projects or wait for employees to assign tasks to them. Unfortunately, most of these setups don’t allow employees free reign to choose their projects. With Remotasks, you and other Remotaskers can choose which tasks they want to work with. That way, Remotaskers only need to work on tasks they’re comfortable with in terms of both their skill level and availability. 
  • Maximize your earnings with flexible tasks and bonus programs. Aside from being able to choose your own tasks, Remotasks also provides various bonus programs and flexible tasking opportunities to help you maximize your learning. For instance, you can diversify your task load by training under project types that have straightforward (but low-paying) tasks and complex (but high-paying) tasks. Additionally, some project types offer bonus pay to Remotaskers who can fulfill certain criteria, such as doing a set number of tasks under this type with a certain accuracy level. 
  • Become a part of a huge online community. In most remote working setups, you find yourself working on your tasks for the day and just submitting them to your manager for review. Moreover, you might not even get the opportunity to get to know your fellow employees. However, as an earnings platform, Remotasks not just offers various tasks for you to accomplish but our team also offers you a means to get in touch with many more Remotaskers. We have a membership of over 10,000 members all over the world, most of which are in our Discord server. You can meet fellow Remotaskers from other countries, from your own country, or even your own area! We understand the value of friendship and the sense of belonging, especially when working at home. With the Remotasks community, you’re never alone while doing tasks.
  • Constantly improve yourself with advancement opportunities. Most work-from-home opportunities only enable you to stick to doing one kind of job, especially if you’re doing it on a contractual or freelance basis. As such, a lot of Remotaskers might be surprised that an earnings platform like Remotasks actually provides advancement opportunities to taskers who perform with great accuracy and demonstrate mastery over various project types. In Remotasks, you start as a simple Attempter - but you can eventually become a Reviewer or even a Trainer. 
  • Looking for remote work that challenges the mind. Oftentimes, people don’t like to work from home as they have the impression that some remote work tends to be dull, boring, and repetitive. However, Remotasks is highly unlike ordinary earnings platforms. Most of our tasks and projects involve identifying and labelling various objects on the screen according to certain instructions. In fact, some tasks and project types become more challenging as they provide more elements and instructions to work with. If you’re looking for an earnings platform similar to a challenging puzzle, then you would have a lot of fun with Remotasks. 

Remotasks and Working from Home: Count Me In!

With the above reasons in mind, it’s important to remember that Remotasks actually expands your options as a remote worker unlike other platforms. Thanks to our robust and flexible platform, you can choose a wide range of tasks to learn and work on without ever demanding too much of your time and effort. We’re honest when we say that you only need a computer and a stable internet connection to work with us!

If you’re interested in joining our community of 10,000+ members, then you’re welcome to register on the Remotasks platform! Registration and training in Remotasks are completely free, and our Bootcamp program even allows you to participate in live sessions with other Remotaskers!

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