Beyond Tasking: 7 Productive Activities For Remotaskers Outside Remotasks

If you’re been working with Remotasks as a Remotasker for a while now, chances are you’ve encountered finishing all your tasks and not having anything to do as of the moment. Of course, not having anything to do for work can feel unproductive - but this isn’t always necessarily the case. In fact, you can do some things to maximize your time while waiting for new Remotasks projects.

Make your free time productive!

We’ve asked some of our Remotaskers about the things they do to help make the most out of their free time in between tasks. Interestingly, not only can you rest and pursue your hobbies - you might want to consider using your free time to pursue further career growth, or even make more money!

  • Participate in learning sessions with fellow Remotaskers. If you want to expand your knowledge in various Remotasks projects, you can actually take a break from tasks and partake in more lessons from the Training Center. Moreover, you can join our Bootcamps and even personal training sessions of your fellow Remotaskers in order to gain more mastery over your tasks and projects. Remember, even the time you use to just listen and learn can help you become extremely productive in the long run.
  • Pursue career growth with online courses, lessons, and seminars. Thanks to Remotasks, you can choose the number and difficulty of tasks and projects you want to tackle on a daily basis. As such, you can almost always have a few hours’ worth of spare time for yourself and the things you want to do. If you’ve ever thought of expanding your career opportunities, waiting for new Remotasks projects is the perfect time to do it. Thanks to online learning platforms, you can actually register yourself to an online certification course or even attend a seminar or two regarding your dream career. Likewise, you may even now have the time to enroll for a semester or two to pursue your educational dreams.
  • Open a business for a source of passive income. Let’s face it, it’s not everyday that you can encounter a task or a project that you love in Remotasks. However, that doesn’t mean you should spend that day waiting for a new task or just lounging around. If you have some money to spare and an entrepreneurial mindset, you can put your extra money to good use by starting your own business. This business doesn’t need to be large, either - you can start small and sell arts and crafts products, resell generic brand items, or even pursue buy-and-sell.
  • Consider investments and the stock market. Chances are, you want the money you earn in Remotasks to be in a place where it can grow properly, so your returns can be exponentially larger in a few years. If you have this kind of mentality, then you may want to study and even participate in the stock market. Granted, it’s not an easy route to study how stock trading works. However, with a diverse-enough portfolio and enough study, you may be able to grow your money in areas you’re genuinely interested in. You can start slow and start trading on fields you can study, or even take risks and invest in cryptocurrency.
  • Conduct volunteer work for charity and other causes. If you have a lot of time in your hands and want to extend help to various causes, you can use your free time in Remotasks to participate in charity and other causes. Thanks to the flexibility of task choices and deadlines in Remotasks, you’re free to pursue these activities whenever you need to. Moreover, you can even use this opportunity to invite others to try Remotasks, especially if you’re in job fairs where participants have a computer and an internet connection.
  • Maintain healthy diet and exercise. Remember, taking a few hours off Remotasks just to treat yourself to a good salad or an exercise routine aren’t bad things at all. Just because good nutrition and diet won’t earn you a degree or won’t earn you money by the dollar doesn’t mean it’s not “good” for you. Thanks to the task-based nature of Remotasks, you can choose whatever tasks you want and fit them appropriately in a comfortable schedule. That way, you have enough time to eat, sleep, and even do an hours’ worth of jogging. Remember, a healthy body means less visits and spending for medicine. Moreover, a healthy body can help you maintain focus and attention to tasks at hand.
  • Rest and take a breather. Contrary to popular belief, resting can become very productive. Remember, if resting allows muscles to repair itself and grow, so does sleep when it comes to various aspects of your mental health. Proper sleep can help you organize information and memories you’ve gathered for the day. Moreover, restorative sleep allows your mind and body to feel refreshed and relaxed, ready to take on new tasks for the day. If you’re the kind of Remotasker who wants to take on challenging projects, then great sleep and regular resting can help you keep focused, creative, and attentive to the needs of projects you’re working on.

How can I join Remotasks?

If you’re interested in pursuing these opportunities while working with Remotasks, you might want to join our team as a Remotasker! Thanks to our platform, you have complete control over tasks you want to do and how you want to maximize your free time.

Most importantly, you can join Remotasks for free and get set up to work in less than an hour!

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