Essential Work From Home Gadgets To Improve Your Productivity

If you’ve just started working from home with work like Remotasks, chances are you want to make sure your home office is equipped with the best tools possible to improve your productivity. We’re not just talking about installing the right apps here - we’re talking about gadgets and accessories that can help you have a more productive and conducive work environment, much in the same way a real life office could. Thankfully, essential remote working gadgets are easy to figure out depending on the kind of work you want to do.

  1. Multi-Port Adapter or USB Hub: One of the most important WFH or work-from-home gadgets you could have at home is a multi-port adapter or a USB hub. Essentially, this is a plug-in gadget that provides you with more ports you could use for your various USB-based devices. With Remotasks allowing you to tackle various projects with various coworkers, space for the dongles and cables of your mic, webcam, and even an extra screen could greatly help maximize your computer’s offerings.

Recommended: Amazon Basics USB 30 10-Port HUB, ORICO Powered USB Hub 10-Port Data Hub

  1. Computer Desk or Standing Desk: While there’s a large likelihood that you already have a desk you use for your laptop or computer at home, nothing screams home office than an actual dedicated desk for your gadgets. This might seem an unnecessary expense, but it could greatly help improve the atmosphere and maximize your productivity. At its core, choosing the right size of a desk can fit all your essential components - be it your keyboards or even your extra screens - without having to cramp them in a limited space. Thanks to the decent pay offered by Remotasks projects, you can save up for more expensive standing desks much faster.

Recommended: Cubiker Home Office Computer Desk with Drawers, BANTI Dua Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

  1. Tablet, Laptop, Monitor Stand: One of the most practical pieces of WFH equipment people could have is a stand for their tablets, laptops, or even monitors. And while a table could be the most straightforward “stand” out there, a stand provides a lot of practical benefits. At its core, a stand could have tablets and monitors on a decent height for employees to have better posture - perfect for those who want to work on Remotasks projects for a while. More Importantly, some stands have practical designs that enable them to become extra shelf spaces - giving access to a storage option for keyboards and mice as well as other essentials.

Recommended: HUANUO Monitor Stand Computer Riser, VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount

  1. Lumbar Support Chair: Another important component of any remote office would be the lumbar support chair - essentially an office chair designed exactly to help support the spine while working. This is important as a lot of office work contributes to unhealthy postures and fragile bodies late in adulthood. A lumbar support chair ensures that employees working on hours - especially while doing flexible Remotasks projects - won’t hurt their posture and remain comfortable doing so.

Recommended: SIHOO Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, Hbada Office Chair

  1. Smart Speaker Assistants: It’s often a running gag for smart assistants to become a source of entertainment for their owners, but they do have their perks. Purchasing smart speakers with smart assistants or smart assistant-compatible speakers outfitted with the likes of Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant can make life much easier. With these smart assistants, not only can you play music but also buy products, schedule appointments, and even activate or deactivate your electronics. This could help a great deal for Remotaskers who want to focus on their tasks for a couple of hours, as they could ask their smart assistants for reminders and the like without having to get out of the desk.

Recommended: Echo Dot (4th Gen), Bose Home Speaker 500

  1. Mechanical Keyboard: While others do treat their mechanical keyboards more as artistic forms of expression, there are practical reasons to own a mechanical keyboard. At its core, they’re designed to maintain a healthy typing angle to avoid strains on wrists and fingers for busy employees. This is helpful especially since the flexibility Remotasks offers give people a lot of options to do projects for hours. And for employees who are about to sit on their desks for hours, being able to decorate their keyboards can definitely make working more appealing.

Recommended: RK Royal Kludge, Corsair K60 RGB Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  1. Ergonomic Mouse: While a mouse seems like an ordinary tool to have at work, having the right mouse feels like having a guardian angel for your hand. After all, a practical mouse not only has two keys and a scroll bar but also extra keys for useful macros and a format comfortable for the hand. With the right mouse, a Remotasker can program their mouse keys to perform multi-click commands with just a press of a button - helpful for the more intensive yet higher-earning tasks in the platform.

Recommended: Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, Amazon Basics 6-Button Ergonomic Mouse

Get Productive: Get These Gadgets For Remote Work!

With the above sample gadgets in mind, it’s important to remember that the best gadgets for your work from home experience are ultimately those that ensure you remain productive regardless of the task at hand. These can range from gadgets that make life easier, that make work more entertaining, or those that help you achieve a more relaxing and motivating work environment. And remember, if you feel like some of these gadgets are more expensive than anticipated, you can try to see if there’s more tasks available at Remtotasks to help you meet your goals!

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