Remotasker Testimonial: Dibyadyuti

In these Testimonials, the Remotasks Team asked some Remotaskers about their experience with the Remotasks Platform. Here are their stories:

Basic Information

Name: Dibyadyuti

Position: Tasker

Where are you from? India

Their Remotasks Experience

What happened to you before Remotasks? 

I was just a student who had to ask my parents for money, and now I have a great job and I can spend money on myself with my own money. I feel so lucky now that I’m part of the Remotasks family. 

How did you learn about the platform?

A friend of mine was doing 3D Tasks on Remotasks, and I asked him about the platform when I heard he’s earning a lot of money while working from home. 

What do you enjoy about Remotasks?

I love the weekly payments, having a wide range of workflows, being able to choose projects to learn and tackle, and especially being able to earn assortments of badges. 

How long did it take for Remotasks to help you start earning at your desired pace?

It took me around two weeks to earn at my desired pace after joining Remotasks. I started with 3D Tasks, which was tricky, but gradually I learned to be better and raised my accuracy.

What did you wish you knew before joining Remotasks?

In Remotasks, you’d learn new things that you haven’t even heard of before - for instance, I didn’t know what LIDAR is until I started working on 3D Tasks. 

What would you tell someone who’s thinking about joining Remotasks?

With this platform, you have a great opportunity to earn more money. You have a lot of people in the community willing to help you in terms of training and tasking, and I can even share which tasks have high pay and all!

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