Remotasker Testimonial: Karthick

In these Testimonials, the Remotasks Team asked some Remotaskers about their experience with the Remotasks Platform. Here are their stories:

Basic Information

Name: Karthick

Position: Tasker

When did you start working? April 2021

Where are you from? India

Their Remotasks Experience

What happened to you before Remotasks? 

I was a team leader amongst data labelers in a company.

How did you learn about the platform?

I learned about Remotasks from Google. 

What do you enjoy about Remotasks?

The important thing about Remotasks is that there’s no task requirements for work. We can work as many hours as we want. Additionally, Remotasks always takes the time to acknowledge hardworkers with bonuses and incentives, and they always try to build a helpful and active community. 

How long did it take for Remotasks to help you start earning at your desired pace?

It took me a month to start doing tasks with high quality. 

What did you wish you knew before joining Remotasks?

I wish I could’ve started my career in Remotasks two years earlier, haha! I look forward to building a better career in Remotasks. 

What would you tell someone who’s thinking about joining Remotasks?

I shared my thoughts about Remotasks with my family and friends, and I always tell them that Remotasks will reward them according to their work. This is the best freelancing site I’ve found so far. I’d tell them that their pay will depend on their work, their productivity, and the complexity of the tasks. 

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