Remotasker Testimonial: Pauline B.

In these Testimonials, the Remotasks Team asked some Remotaskers about their experience with the Remotasks Platform. Here are their stories:

Basic Information

Name: Pauline B.
Position: Trainer
When did you start working? September 2019
Where are you from? Nairobi, Kenya

Their Remotasks Experience

What happened before Remotasks?

I had finished university and there was no job I could do. After searching for what to do for a very long time, I found a job at a firm. It was not easy at all because the pay was very little and I could not settle my bills, leaving me alone to figure out how I will feed myself. It was hard to even pay for the bus fare because I needed to take the bus to get to my work. It was frustrating because I was living from hand to mouth. Joining Remotasks changed this for me.

What do you enjoy about Remotasks?

I found out about Remotasks after Googling for online work. They offered to train me over two weeks and after that I began working. I enjoy working for Remotasks because I can work at the comfort of my home or wherever I want, it doesn't have to be a specific place.

Also, since I can work from home, I no longer have to worry about paying for the bus to get to work or being late to work because I no longer have to worry about traffic.

What do you wish you knew before joining Remotasks?

I wish I had known about it earlier. Within a very short time I was able to see a big difference. It's something I enjoy doing a lot. It has helped me a lot with planning my life. I can pay all my bills without straining and also cloth myself, feed myself unlike before. I can now also go out and enjoy myself during the weekends and still get a chance to save some money.

What would you tell others considering Remotasks?

I would tell them that Remotasks is a platform where you can work for as long or as a little as you want. It’s a platform where you make as much as you want depending on how many courses you are willing to take. And they pay well for tasks you do. Pay is prompt and they never delay in payments.

I started as a tasker in the Bootcamp, I have been present always and doing tasks assigned to me with the best of my capability in order to get good accuracy because accuracy matters in the payout. Then when there was a vacancy in the trainer position, I applied to become a trainer to help other taskers get better so it’s also nice that there is room for career growth if that is something you want.

Can I Also Join Remotasks?

If you want a unique work-from-home experience that can help you earn money on the side, you can definitely join the Remotasks team! You can register for free and get onboarded in less than an hour!

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