Remotasker Testimonial: Thu Ha

In these Testimonials, the Remotasks Team asked some Remotaskers about their experience with the Remotasks Platform. Here are their stories:

Basic Information

Name: Thu Ha

Position: Tasker

When did you start working? August 2020

Where are you from? Vietnam

Their Remotasks Experience

What happened to you before Remotasks? 

I used to work as a saleswoman. I was busy handling my work everyday and got occupied during the weekends. Then one day, I realized that life I short and I want to live my life lively. That time, I quit my job and started working on Remotasks. It’s awesome - I can travel everywhere and work from my laptop. 

How did you learn about the platform?

I was looking for remote jobs, and I found Remotasks on Google. 

What do you enjoy about Remotasks?

It’s a professional platform which encourages self-study and self-work. There are many channels where you can interact, such as in Discord and Facebook - pages where I can talk with people to get updates and new information. Remotasks also provides free training and Bootcmaps where we can learn faster. I love that we can make awesome friends all over the world. To top it all off, we have flexible working time and I enjoy doing these tasks everyday.

How long did it take for Remotasks to help you start earning at your desired pace?

It depends which projects I’m working on. It takes me a few days to work well on 2D projects, and sometimes it can take up to two months to be able to get high-quality output on 3D Projects. 

What would you tell someone who’s thinking about joining Remotasks?

Nothing is easy as it looks. However, nothing will change in your life if you don’t do something different from what you’ve been doing. Let’s join our Remotasks community to do something apart from our 8-5 working at the office, and build a future with AI. 

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