Remotasker Testimonial: Timothy

In these Testimonials, the Remotasks Team asked some Remotaskers about their experience with the Remotasks Platform. Here are their stories:

Basic InformationName: Timothy
Position: Trainer
When did you start working? May 2018
Where are you from? Nairobi, Kenya

Their Remotasks Experience

What happened before Remotasks?

I was a student at Murang’a University taking a course in Information Technology. I take up freelancing on online platforms such as Upwork and other creative writing platforms during my free time. I also freelance as a software engineer and data analyst.

Unfortunately, the biggest change working on these platforms was job sustainability. Luckily, a friend I had been working with introduced me to Remotasks, and since then I’ve been working as a full-time Remotasker until I became a full-time Trainer.

What do you enjoy about Remotasks?

I enjoy the flexibility that comes with the platform as well as the ease to work form wherever I am at the moment. I like that I can connect with different people around the world.

Living in the city has not been easy with all the responsibilities that come with it. Remotasks have given me a chance and the freedom to maximize my earnings and thus take care of my monetary problems.

What do you wish you knew before joining Remotasks?

I wish I knew the platform earlier than the time my friend introduced me to it. Back then, there were few people working on the platform from my area and there were no social platforms when I could ask for help. I struggled but persevered with the help of a few friends. I’m grateful that the platform has given me a community of like-minded people. We share, earn, and most importantly introduce other people who may not have heard about the platform.

What would you tell others considering Remotasks?

Remotasks is not a get-rich-quick kinda work, but with consistency and determination, one can supplement what else they are making somewhere and be comfortable. Remotasks gives you the freedom to maximize your earnings and also the flexibility to plan your time. Come, join the community!

Can I Also Join Remotasks?

If you’re interested in maximizing your free time, you can also join Remotasks as a Remotasker! Thanks to our platform, you can get registered and onboarded in less than an hour - and everything is completely for free!

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