Remotasks 101: 5 Essential Skills All Remotaskers Should Learn To Maximize Earnings

If you’re currently working as a Remotasker in the Remotasks platform, chances are you’re starting to get used to doing a lot of tasks under a lot of projects with our flexible system. After all, the Remotasks platform is unique in that it offers Remotaskers the opportunity to choose which tasks to learn and accomplish according to their schedule and free time. However, while this process does allow Remotaskers to earn based on how much they work, Remotaskers may be able to maximize their earnings with the right kind of strategy and skillset. Here are things Remotaskers need to pay attention to in order to maximize earning opportunities in the Remotasks platform: 

  • Anticipation and preparation make way for opportunities. Thanks to the Remotasks platform, Remotaskers can not only get free training for whatever project type they’re interested in. Rather, with this training, Taskers only get to do the tasks they’ve trained for. Interestingly, the right approach to this training and tasking can help Taskers perform more efficiently. Essentially, Taskers need to realize that the reason why some of them don’t receive a lot of tasks is because they’ve limited themselves in the project types they received training for. However, the more project types Taskers train in, the more projects they’ll be authorized to partake in. A great approach here is to have a healthy mix of straightforward 2D Tasks and more complicated 3D Tasks to get tasks of varying challenges and payouts. 
  • Goal setting for proper project selection and allocation. Since project types generally dictate the kind of tasks that Remotaskers can accomplish, the right approach to goal setting can help Taskers maximize their time and payout. Essentially, it’s always a great habit to have a set goal in mind before you allocate tasks to yourself for the pay period. For instance, if you want to meet a certain savings goal, you might want to focus on more challenging project types. Likewise, if you want to meet a particular payout every week, you might want to get tasks that can help you earn that amount within the pay period. The more grounded you are in terms of goal setting, the more realistic your task allocation could get, and the more doable things could become for you. 
  • Time management is key for project allocation. With training in time management, Remotaskers will realize that the best Taskers don’t just do tasks as efficiently as possible. Rather, they understand their available time and how fast they can finish tasks. That way, they can allocate hours or even days of the week to maximize their tasking. Taskers who can do this will be able to do as many tasks as they want and ensure that they don’t waste any time on tasks they won’t be able to finish. 
  • Critical thinking and looking outside the box always helps. Remotaskers who score high in their marks don’t just rely on following instructions to get things right. Sometimes, Taskers get to solve tricky parts of a task because of their judgment calls by thinking outside the box. Essentially, some Remotaskers might find it helpful to have unique solutions to a task’s problems by interpreting instructions in a unique way. What should Remotaskers always take note of in instructions to make tasks easier? Are there “easy tricks” that make a challenging task easier to solve?
  • Communication lets us stay up to date with projects and features. While the Remotasks Team does write and post announcements about changes in the platform or in projects, it’s still important for Remotaskers to keep in touch with people they know to get updates as soon as possible. This is also why a lot of Taskers end up forming their own groups, joining the Bootcamp, or even applying to join Teams. With the help of Coaches, Team Leaders, and even Remotasks Rockstars, Remotaskers can stay up to date with changes in rules and instructions or features they might need to know about. 

Maximize Earnings With The Right Skills

As a Remotasker, the above tips can become integral in your path towards success. After all, the above skills not only help you maximize your earnings but also encourage you to have a more can-do and go-getter attitude at work. With these in mind, you may be able to spot interesting opportunities and even progress throughout life in Remotasks without feeling tired or agitated with the things you need to do.

If you feel like you might fit in Remotasks with the skillset above, then feel free to join our platform for free! Thanks to free registration and free training, the Remotasks platform may be able to provide you with the kind of flexibility you need to grow your career and earn tasks doing projects related to AI and technology.  

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