Remotasks 101: 6 Qualities Of Great Remotaskers

If you’re planning on joining Remotasks as a Remotasker, chances are you might feel overwhelmed with the prospect of having to do various tasks and projects in the field of AI and technology. After all, is it true that “anyone” with a computer and an internet connection can work with the platform? 

Thankfully, anyone - be it a student, a part-time worker, a spouse at home, or even someone looking for work - can register for free and work in the Remotasks platform. However, some individuals with six qualities can definitely excel in their duties and achieve a lot of growth in the platform. Here are those qualities: 

  1. Has a keen interest in technology and AI. Unlike other earning platforms, Remotasks offers tasks and projects that aim to help various teams and companies develop new technologies. Thanks to the efforts of our Taskers, our output provides these teams with much-needed human insight to develop and improve upcoming AI and smart technologies. Great Remotaskers are willing to learn how to do simple yet increasingly-complex tasks that rely on their insights, as their output provides AI with the means to improve their algorithms and programming. In turn, our output can pave the way to better AI tech such as smart assistants and self-driving cars. 
  2. Is interested in learning new things and updating existing knowledge. Remotaskers always have access to free courses (via the Training Center) as well as instructions and course documents while working on their projects. However, these instructions often change through the weeks, and Remotaskers need to stay on top of these updates to ensure the quality of their outputs. Awesome Remotaskers are able to adapt to these instructions changes quickly. 
  3. Has great organization and time management skills. With Remotasks, Taskers have the option to take up as many tasks as they want and work on them in whatever order they wish. However, some tasks and projects are time-sensitive in nature, and some tasks also expire within a timeframe after they've been activated. Awesome Remotaskers eventually develop the skill of organizing and prioritizing their tasks in a multitude of factors - including their difficulty and completion time. Remotaskers who utilize time management and organizational skills can maximize the number of tasks they can take - and also maximize their payout - with their free time. 
  4. Pays attention to details and instructions. Tasks and projects in Remotasks need Taskers to pay great attention to how objects need to be annotated and labeled. In fact, some tasks might have similar instructions with very small differences in terms of measurements and labeling styles. Remotaskers who manage to get these details right not only get higher accuracy but also score higher marks and better payout overall. 
  5. Open to advancement opportunities. While Remotaskers can stay as Taskers and enjoy doing their favorite tasks, Remotasks actually offer a variety of advancement options that offer new task types, duties, and even better payouts. Remotaskers begin as Attempters, but can become qualified for Reviewer, Super Reviewer, and even Trainer positions with consistent performance. Our team always informs Taskers of any open positions they can apply for, or if they become qualified for any advanced positions. 
  6. Works well with teams and communities. While Remotaskers often work on their tasks and projects alone, Remotasks does offer a ton of opportunities for Taskers to connect and interact with each other. These include our Bootcamps where Taskers can partake in live training as a part of the team. Likewise, we have a massive community in Discord and other channels where Taskers can interact and ask questions to each other. Great Remotaskers are team players and are willing to help each other learn while tasking. Additionally, awesome Taskers who work well with teams may show potential for leadership and may even be tapped for Trainer positions. 

Qualities Of A Great Remotasker: Anyone Can Grow In Remotasks!

Hopefully, the above tips in mind have emphasized the importance of possessing qualities that encourage personal growth as the same qualities that can help anyone excel as a Remotasker. Remember, our platform isn’t looking particularly for people with expertise in AI and technology. For Remotasks, just a slight interest in learning about AI and tech developments can help anyone understand the inner workings of our tasks. And more importantly, we’re looking for Remotaskers who are more than willing to learn new things. After all, while we may offer the same set of projects today, our growth in clients may mean new projects in the near future! 

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Remotasks team, please don’t hesitate to join us! Registration is completely free, and we provide tutorials and training materials without any charges! As a plus, we also offer online Bootcamp training sessions where you can join other Remotaskers in live training sessions to learn some of our more complicated tasks!

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