Remotasks 101: 7 Reasons Remotaskers Should Attend Bootcamp

If you’ve been working in Remotasks for quite some time, you’d probably notice some of your fellow Remotaskers logging off early or stopping their other projects to attend “the Bootcamp.” And if you’ve been hanging out with us for a while, you know they’re talking about attending the Remotasks Online Bootcamp. At first glance, we all know the Online Bootcamp is a gathering that teaches us about tasks, but what exactly goes on in them? As it turns out, the Remotasks Online Bootcamp is one of the best things you should participate in as a Remotasker!

What’s Remotasks Online Bootcamp?

At its core, the Remotasks Online Bootcamp is a free program from Remotasks that allows Remotaskers who want to learn a particular project to group together for live sessions. Unlike any other Training Center course, the courses available in Online Bootcamp are in-demand but complex projects. Moreover, our Remotasks Online Bootcamp occurs in a live online setup, where a certified Remotasks instructor will be conducting lessons and teach Remotaskers everything they need to know regarding that particular subject. 

Why Should I Attend Bootcamp?

Now that you know what Remotasks Online Bootcamp is all about, you might wonder if there are any practical benefits to attending them. After all, you can learn all about a particular project through the Training Center, right? What’s different about attending a Bootcamp that teaches the exact same thing? Here’s what makes our Remotasks Online Bootcamp worth checking out: 

  • Stay in the loop for the most popular project types. While we offer Remotaskers the freedom to train and do tasks in project types they want, our Remotasks Bootcamps do offer insights towards which project types need the most attention as of the moment. Whenever we offer and encourage Remotaskers to apply for a Bootcamp about a project type, it's usually because we've discovered that this project type is either the most popular among Remotasks or the most in-demand as of the moment. As such, Remotaskers who regularly participate in Bootcamps will almost stay knowledgeable about the most popular project types in Remotasks. 
  • Get constant updates on changes, instructions. Unlike regular Remotaskers, Bootcamp members often become part of a formal theme and stay with each other even after the training is over. In fact, Trainers often keep in touch with their trainees in order to inform them of any quick and relevant updates and changes on destructions and other requirements of project types they have studied before. While the Remotasks team announces these changes via the website, Remotaskers often have to recheck instructions for any last-minute changes. With the help of Bootcamp teammates and leaders, Taskers will always stay dated and aware of any relevant changes that can affect their earnings.
  • Get in a team of Remotaskers with the same learning energy as you. One of the best perks of attending Remotasks Bootcamp is that this is the best place for you to meet like-minded Taskers when it comes to tasks. Since the Remotasks Team designed Bootcamps to help Taskers achieve mastery over their most beloved project types, you know that the people you’re going to team with in the Bootcamp have the same desire as you do. As such, you don’t need to stress yourself out finding a team in the same way it’s hard to find a raid party in a multiplayer game. With Bootcamp, you already have the best team for that project type.
  • Have multiple minds finding the best solution to a problem. With the Remotasks Bootcamp, like-minded Remotaskers have the opportunity to knock their heads around the best ways to tackle a project type. Alongside their Trainer’s guidance, your participation in the Bootcamp can help you discover faster and more efficient ways to perform your tasks in a way that you couldn’t have done alone.
  • Learn how professionals do the task properly before optimization. Before Remotaskers can work their way to finding the best method of completing the task, Taskers need to learn how to do those tasks properly first. With Bootcamp, Trainers and coaches can help Remotaskers familiarize themselves with the proper and formal steps towards accomplishing the instructions of the project types they are studying. Granted, sometimes Trainers teach formal but slow ways of tackling a task. However, it's only through learning the long method of solving a problem that students (or in this case, Remotaskers) learn how to play with the formula to come up with faster methodologies.
  • Discover the best approach to project type requirements. Since Bootcamp allows different Taskers to work with each other, participants get to see different thought processes and perspectives when it comes to meeting the requirements of the task at hand. In turn, Taskers may learn and teach each other regarding the fastest and most efficient ways of annotating and labeling various objects, and meet other requirements as requested by the project types they are studying.
  • Get a step closer to better career opportunities. When users first join Remotasks, they become Attempters or Remotaskers who train to do project types and earn money after doing tasks under these projects. However, Attempters who want to expand their project choices and earning opportunities can actually avail better career opportunities in Remotasks. Attempters skilled enough in their work could apply to become Reviewers, Super Reviewers, and even Mod QAs. Interestingly, Taskers who finish Bootcamps are the only ones able to apply for the Trainer position. This position serves as team leaders and teachers of future batches and generations of Remotaskers. 

Join Us In Remotasks Online Bootcamp!

With the above reasons in mind, it might help for Remotaskers of any skill level to try our Remotasks Online Bootcamp! That way, they’ll always be knowledgeable in an in-demand project that they can rely on if they want that extra challenge that will also give them that much-needed boost in earnings. If you’re interested in leveling up your Remotasks experience, then Remotasks Online Bootcamp is definitely a must-try!

And if you’re reading this for the first time, then we highly recommend you try joining Remotasks! If you’re looking for an online earning platform that prioritizes your schedule and gives you flexibility over your choice of tasks, then Remotasks is definitely the place for you!

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