Remotasks 101: What Tasks Do Remotaskers Need To Do?

If you’re looking for ways to spend your free time at home, you might have heard of Remotasks. Thanks to our earnings platform, we have helped more than 10,000 members earn extra money at home just by helping us accomplish some tasks and projects! However, what exactly is the kind of work that we do in Remotasks?

What is Remotasks?

Before we check out what kind of tasks we’re offering in Remotasks, it’s important to understand what the platform is all about. Basically, Remotasks helps various companies and teams build new technologies and products, particularly those that involve AI or artificial intelligence. In turn, we help these teams build smart assistants, delivery bots, and even self-driving cars.

In turn, most of the work we do involves “teaching” AI how certain things around the world work. This involves feeding it tons of data it could use to analyze various situations that it can encounter. Unfortunately, we can’t just feed AI data from a single person. This is where Remotaskers come in - as we need the help of lots of people to analyze scenarios for us to help AI learn and, in turn, create more awesome products of the future.

That means - yes, we have a lot of members but we’re not a scam. Rather, we have a ton of members we need as much help as we need to teach AI everything they need to learn. In turn, we pay our Remotaskers fairly for their efforts.

Sweet! What tasks do Remotaskers accomplish?

Unfortunately, since we’re dealing with projects of companies and teams, we can’t directly state the specifics of tasks we do. However, we can classify our tasks under one of six categories:

  • Image analysis, where we draw boxes around various objects to help AI identify what are the many things they can see in various locations.
  • 3D content analysis, where we identify, label, and annotate data on 3D environments (e.g., clips), with data taken from various sensors. This is similar to image analysis, but this time focusing on 3D environments and scenes.
  • Categorization, where we identify keywords that describes what we’re seeing in texts and images.
  • Comparison, where we help identify the difference between similar objects - such as various types of vehicles and various types of pedestrians.
  • Data collection, where we have to search the internet and collect various kinds of information about anything under the sun.
  • Transcription, where we transcribe content from various text-based material - such as menus, images of signs, and images of documents.

I want to earn doing those!

If you’re interested in trying your hand in these tasks, you can join us in Remotasks with a free account! You just need to sign up in the Remotasks website!

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