Remotasks Careers: 5 Reasons Why Being A Mod Is For You

A lot of Remotaskers owe it to Project Moderators for helping them get acquainted with the Remotasks earning platform. After all, Moderators specialize in a particular kind of project, which Remotaskers can choose to learn to enhance their earning potential. And while Moderators exist for almost all kinds of projects, Remotasks still actively encourages Remotaskers to achieve mastery over a task enough that they can become Trainers themselves. However, just how is being a Moderator different from being a regular Attempter or Reviewer?

  1. You love helping others perfect their tasks: One of the most important things you’re going to do as a Moderator is to ensure things are up to order with regards to how projects are presented. Being a Mod is for you if you’re motivated enough to help others perfect their tasks by providing neat tips and tricks to enhance their tasking experience.
  2. You know a project backwards and forwards: As a Mod, you’re likely going to be assigned to preside over a project and all its elements. If you already know a project backwards and forwards to the point of identifying ways to accomplish tasks much faster, then being a Mod will definitely work for you. 
  3. You spot errors and bugs easily: Given your knowledge on certain projects, you’ve developed a knack for being able to spot errors and inconsistencies in tasks. This can definitely make you fit for being a Mod, as part of the job description involves being the first line of defense when it comes to spotting errors that can delay a Remotasker’s progress in a task.
  4. You are always open to learning new things: If you’re the kind of person who loves learning about new things, then being a Mod is up your alley. Unlike being a regular Tasker where you can learn things at your own pace, being a Mod opens you to a lot of learning opportunities - especially when it comes to learning a project and all its other intricate parts. 
  5. You like fixing problems in a system: If you pride yourself with your problem-solving skills, then being a Mod is definitely for you. Since part of the job description involves spotting bugs and potentially suggesting ways to improve the way projects can be presented, then you’re definitely in a position to make improvements in the projects you’re studying.

Become A Remotasks Mod: Propel Your Remotasker Career

If you’ve ever spent a considerable amount of time doing projects in Remotasks, chances are you’ve gained a level of mastery over them. Instead of just doing a lot of these tasks to earn extra money, you can actually use your knowledge and propel your career as a Remotasker even further by attempting to apply to a Moderator role. Aside from the adjusted income opportunities, this role is a great way to secure a more specific career path in the platform.

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