Remotasks Careers: 5 Signs You Should Apply For A Mod Role

Any Remotasker would remember spending their first few weeks in Remotasks trying to get a sense of how the earnings platform worked, and a lot of Remotaskers have the community and project Moderators to thank for teaching them. However, for Remotaskers who have a love for teaching, wouldn’t it feel awesome to be able to impart your knowledge as a Remotasker to a new generation of Remotaskers? If this is the kind of drive you currently have, then perhaps being a Remotasks Moderator is right for you!

  1. You already possess a specialization: Unlike other Remotaskers, you have acquired a fondness towards a project to the point of gaining a specialization towards it. This is no easy feat, especially if we’re pertaining to much harder and higher-earning tasks. If you gain mastery over these projects, chances are you might want to apply for a Mod role so you can become the go-to person for these tasks.
  2. You have an eye for detail: Unlike other roles, being a Mod means not just checking the works of others but making sure that the tasks work the way they’re supposed to be. This means being attentive to details that affect the way tasks are presented and how Remotaskers can approach these tasks in their day-to-day lives. You’re in charge of helping Remotaskers understand tiny details they might miss in order to accomplish their tasks much more efficiently.
  3. You can spot bugs easily: Another thing that makes you fit for a Mod role is your ability to spot bugs and other errors and reporting it to admins. As a Mod, you know your assigned projects from the front end to the back end. That means you’ll be able to identify potential errors and bugs that need to be fixed before they affect other Taskers in a major way. 
  4. You are approached by others for your knowledge: Another reason being a Mod might be for you is if other Taskers already approach you for some tips and tricks. Your knowledge regarding a project is immense that you can provide ways to make things easier for Remotaskers to accomplish. And being a Mod will be able to help you expand your reach to teach more Remotaskers.
  5. You love tinkering with systems to fix them: Another important part of being a Mod is being able to assess projects and checking what things could be improved or fixed. If you already have a knack of making suggestions regarding how some systems are going to work more efficiently, then chances are the Mod role is definitely something that fits you.

Become A Mod: Show Your Mastery Over A Project!

Unlike other roles in Remotasks, being a Moderator means you’re going to be the go-to person for all things regarding a particular project. This is quite a different responsibility compared to being an Attempter and Reviewer, where you’re only going to check tasks. However, if you already have considerable mastery over a project type and feel confident in teaching others the nuances of tackling certain tasks, then becoming a Mod QA can be a very excellent opportunity to propel and accelerate your career growth.

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