Remotasks Careers: 5 Signs You Should Apply For A Trainer Role

Newcomers to the Remotasks platform can attend the Remotasks Online Bootcamp to join other Remotaskers in learning some of the highest-earning projects in the platform. These Bootcamps are facilitated by certified Remotasks Trainers who not only teach these projects but also lead a team of their own. However, it might surprise Remotaskers to learn that their Trainers were also Remotaskers like them. And more importantly, it’s actually possible to aspire to become a Trainer as part of your career path in Remotasks!

  1. Already familiar with complex projects: One of the most important qualities of being a Trainer is familiarity with some of Remotasks’s more complex projects, especially since they’ll be in charge of helping other Remotaskers learn these tasks. If you’re already well-versed in some of Remotasks’s more challenging projects - be it through Bootcamp or self-learning - then you’re one step closer to becoming a Trainer.
  2. Teaching is second nature: Unlike other higher positions in Remotasks, a Trainer is specifically equipped to teach other Remotaskers how to pull off particular projects. This means teaching should be in your second nature. If you’re already part of teams and group chats that involve teaching other Remotaskers, then you’re already likely qualified to become a Trainer. Remember, if other Remotaskers ask you for advice, then the Trainer role should become very familiar.
  3. Leadership experience is a plus: Aside from being a referene for other Remotaskers in terms of their projects, being a Trainer also means being a leader of your own team. If you have managerial experience or have a tendency to become an effective leader when assigned in groups, then you’re likely going to be a good Trainer. 
  4. Socialization is natural with you: While it’s perfectly alright to become quiet and introverted in Remotasks (it is after all something you will likely do alone), having the quality of working well with groups can make you an effective Trainer. If you can socialize properly and interact with others to make friends, then you can become a Trainer that could unite groups of Remotaskers together.
  5. Possess the tools you need for teaching: Aside from being a leader and a teacher, you need to possess the tools you need to become a Trainer. These in particular come in the form of decent internet for connectivity, as well as a decent webcam and microphone for interactions. If you already have these tools, then you’ll likely become a an effective Trainer.

Become A Trainer: Lead Your Team To Victory!

With the above signs in mind, it’s important to remember that trying to apply for a Trainer isn’t a bad thing especially when the opportunity arises. As a Remotasks Trainer, you’ll be in a position not just to assist fellow Remotaskers with their training, but rather also help them become efficient and reliable Remotaskers that would learn how to love work just as you have. As a Trainer, you’ll be in a position to lead a team and showcase your skills as a reliable mentor, not just to your team, but to the whole community.

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