Remotasks Careers: 6 Reasons You Should Become A Reviewer

If you’ve spent the last few weeks in Remotasks, you’d notice that your role as Remotasker usually revolves around submitting task attempts and waiting for your payout. It’s that easy to earn in the Remotasks platform! However, looking at the specifics of your Task Log, you might remember that a Reviewer still needs to evaluate your task before it ever makes it to the client. What if we tell you that a Reviewer is also a Remotasker, but with a different approach to their tasks? And what if we tell you it’s completely possible to be a Reviewer, and there are reasons why this is a good choice to aim for in your Remotasks career?

  1. Earn more through your specialization: When you become a Reviewer, you’re most likely going to be assigned to a project of your specialization. This promotion is essentially a “reward” for being skilled in a project you most likely already love, and get paid for reviewing the work of others! 
  2. Get earlier access to work: Unlike usual Attempters that have to wait in queue like everyone else before being able to access work in Remotasks, being a Reviewer gives you a better chance of getting the kind of work you like much faster. This is due to the fact that you’ll be needed to verify the work of others - meaning you’ll likely be first in line to check work on projects that are commonly hard to access by regular Attempters.
  3. Get more available work: One of the most important things to do to earn in Remotasks is to have more projects to work on. And while there’s plenty of tasks to do as an Attempter, being a Reviewer can give you twice as much work because of the many things you can review. This can greatly improve your earnings every week through the reviewers you can accomplish. 
  4. Maximize your earnings: Aside from having more opportunities to work in Remotasks, being a Reviewer gives you access to higher-earning projects since you’ll be doing the verification stage of an attempt in a particular project. This allows you to earn more through the Remotasks platform aside from your usual earnings just doing the things you already like.
  5. Get a stepping stone for more opportunities: Being a Reviewer is a testament of your willingness to learn and expertise in a project. However, this role is also a stepping stone for more opportunities within the Remotasks team. With enough hard work, you can become a Super Reviewer, or even a Mod within a project of your choice. 
  6. Become a teacher through your feedback: Thanks to the Reviewer role, you become the go-to specialist for your project of choice and be able to help others improve on their performance. Your feedback on their attempts will be greatly appreciated, and you’ll be instrumental in the growth of other Remotaskers.

Become A Reviewer: Level Up Your Remotasks Game!

With the above reasons in mind, it’s important to consider applying for career advancement opportunities in Remotasks especially if the opportunities present themselves. While doing many tasks at a time in Remotasks can help you earn more, your mastery over a project can actually help you not just earn more but also boost your career opportunities at large. As a Reviewer, you have a more advanced take on reviewing the work of others, and this is a great way for you to improve on your editing and communication skills.

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