Remotasks For Parents: 6 Ways To Work While With Toddlers

Parenting is such a heroic feat, as raising kids isn’t an easy thing to do - but that doesn’t mean parents can’t use their free time to earn with an online platform like Remotasks! Of our team of more than 100,000 Remotaskers, a lot of them are parents that juggle household responsibilities alongside earning extra with Remotasks. And while this seems like an impossible endeavor to do while having kids, a little planning can make it totally possible for any parent to become a Remotasker even while having playful toddlers!

  1. Early wake-ups are key: It’s important to remember that while taking care of toddlers is more or less a whole-day affair, your schedule is still under your control. With this in mind, it could really help to wake up extremely early to get a few hours of work done without having to worry about your toddlers. Thanks to the flexible nature of Remotasks, it’s totally possible to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to learn while still being prepared to take care of your toddlers once they wake up to their favorite cartoons. In speaking of cartoons, 
  2. Get access to meaningful distractions to occupy their time: Sometimes, toddlers are just hard to take care of because they’ve got nothing better to do for the day than to just explore their surroundings. This isn’t something that’s out of your control, however. You can prepare meaningful distractions to occupy your toddlers to give yourself enough time to work without having to worry about their activities. These include educational programs and even educational toys to get their attention. Thankfully, you can earn enough in Remotasks to get them the necessary learning tools they need whenever they need them.
  3. Schedule activities for them to do: One of the more interesting things parents could do when working with a toddler present is to actually organize a schedule of activities for them. Since toddlers have high energy levels throughout the day, parents can reserve various activities to engage them instead of letting them go haywire on the things they can explore. That way, parents know exactly what their kids are doing at a certain time - leaving them room to do exactly the kind of work they can do based on that schedule. Thanks to the flexible nature of Remotasks projects, this tip becomes more useful for remote workers. 
  4. Take advantage of breaks: Even toddlers need breaks in their energy-filled schedule. Toddlers can sometimes feel too tired and get the urge to sleep at different hours of the day, and this is where you can take advantage of fully remote work like Remotasks. Thanks to the flexible time schedules of Remotasks, you can take advantage of the few hours your toddlers are napping to get in a few hours’ worth of work done. You can also schedule nap time for your toddlers so you can have a more fixed schedule for your tasks at work.
  5. Reinforce the idea of cooperating with your schedule: It’s important to establish to your children the idea of not disturbing you while you work. However, there doesn’t need to be any scolding or reprimanding for this to work. Instead, you as a parent could use positive reinforcement - compliments and rewards - to encourage your toddlers to be cooperative and behaving while you work from home. Not only does this instill discipline, but this slowly encourages the idea of respecting one’s personal space to children early on. Even the idea of giving your kids some new toys can become a form of reinforcement, and the decent pay Remotasks projects can offer can make this possible.
  6. Simplify tasks through additional help: A huge part of taking care of toddlers involves cleaning up after them or doing other things such as checking household chores. While it’s certainly possible to accomplish this with a strict schedule, it can be mentally taxing to do so. To avoid this setback, parents can outsource tasks such as cleaning or doing other chores to experts such as cleaners who can do it for them. Thanks to the decent pay Remotasks projects can give parents, hiring part-timers and even sitters who can help them can become a practical option.

Remotasks With Toddlers: Earn Easy While Parenting!

Who says parenting with toddlers has to be unnecessarily difficult? With the above tips in mind, you can finally realize that it’s not as difficult to adjust your family life with your work with Remotasks. And thanks to the more flexible nature of online work with the platform, parents can find it more comfortable working with different tasks suited for their needs and for their ideal schedule.

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