Remotasks In Kenya: Upgrade Your Work From Home Experience!

Hey there!

If you’re from Kenya and you’re looking for a new remote working opportunity, then you might want to try out Remotasks. With our earnings platform, we’ll pay you to do various kinds of tasks - all you need is a computer and an internet connection!

What is Remotasks? What is this for?

Chances are, your search for remote working jobs in Kenya led you to platforms that promise to help you “earn quick” if you accomplish surveys, watch advertisements, or even recruit people to join. Sadly, you’d slowly notice that these platforms just take too long to give you any reasonable income - and worse, they might not even pay at all. 

We don’t do this in Remotasks. Rather, our team created Remotasks to help various clients and companies improve existing smart technologies. These come in the form of artificial intelligence (AI), smart software and gadgets, or up-and-coming tech that we’ll all end up using in a couple of years. Thanks to our output - all accomplished by our Remotaskers - our clients can get valuable human insight and data on their various projects. 

In turn, Remotasks provides an earnings platform where our Remotaskers can choose to accomplish a wide range of tasks that are equally challenging and reasonably paying. 

Say goodbye to weird surveys, wacky ads, or shady recruitment processes. In Remotasks, we want you to use your human insight to pave the way to better self-driving cars, delivery drones, or smarter AI assistants.

We need your skills!

While we have thousands of Remotaskers working with our team, we know that people from Kenya have a drive to excel and attention to detail that we haven’t encountered with our other teams of Taskers. It’s that kind of go-getter personality that continues to help us give clients stellar output, and it’s something we’ve always rewarded our Remotaskers for. 

Here are some types of tasks you’d be doing with us:

  • We need your help in identifying, marking, and labelling objects inside an image or a video. This can help navigation programs avoid obstacles around them.
  • We need your help in typing and transcribing texts from images or recordings. This can help programs identify words written in documents, pictures, and even statements that don’t exist in a digital format. 
  • We need your help in researching various subjects. This helps our clients have a better understanding of how we use the internet to search for information, so they can help their own programs be more efficient in retrieving information for us. 

If you have time to spare, you don’t need to travel to the city or submit your resume to one employee after the other. You can register in Remotasks for free, get onboarded in an hour, and start earning in tasks you’re interested in. You can read this article if you’re interested to know more. And if you want to meet some Remotaskers already in Kenya, then we have Timothy, Dismas, Duncan, and Sister Mary share some of their experiences before and when they joined us in Remotasks: 

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