Remotasks Moderators And Admins: The Justice League Of Remotasks

We have more than 10,000 Remotaskers in the Remotasks platform, with more arriving everyday to become part of the community! That’s a huge number - and it’s thanks to Remotasks Moderators and Remotasks Admins that we’re able to help Remotaskers whenever they have issues and concerns.

However, newcomers to the platform might wonder just what are the differences between Moderators and Admins. This article will help you out!

What are the differences between Moderators and Admins?

At their core, Moderators and Admins in the Remotasks Team serve as some of the superheroes in the Community! After all, they’re available 24/7 to help us with our various concerns and keep us up to date with what’s happening on the platform. Here are the core differences between the two of them:

  • Moderators are Remotaskers who are familiar with how Projects and Tasks work. Moderators are Remotaskers that help manage the Remotasks Community and assist Remotaskers in terms of handling certain Tasks. While most Moderators are familiar with most Projects, there are also Moderators that specialize in certain Projects - making them great people to approach should Taskers experience technical issues with their particular Task. 
  • Admins help with the technical aspects of the platform. Unlike Moderators that are more familiar with Projects, our Remotasks Admins are more familiar with the inner workings of the platform as a whole. Our Admins are here to ensure that better features are coming to Projects that can help Taskers maximize their earnings - which means they’re in charge of the “bigger picture” developments that happen in the platform.

When should we avoid approaching Moderators and Admins?

Since our Moderators and Admins are actively talking to our Remotaskers 24/7, some of us might think that there’s always a Mod available to answer our concerns. However, here are situations where we shouldn’t immediately approach a Moderator or an Admin for concerns:

  • We shouldn’t ask for Mod or Admin for direct assistance with Tasks. While Mods and Admins can help us with regards to our concerns with the platform, we can’t ask Mods and Admins to help us do our Tasks for us.
  • We shouldn’t reach out to any Mod or Admin outside Discord or the Community Forums. We should avoid reaching out to their social media platforms, as this can be considered an invasion of their privacy. We don't want people from work suddenly reaching out on Facebook, right?

What are alternatives if Moderators and Admins aren’t immediately available?

While the admins want to answer all of our concerns, they don't have the time to accommodate thousands of us Taskers. Thankfully, we have a ton of means to reach out if we're experiencing any problems with our platforms. To give us a quick refresh, we can:

  • Go to the Help Center to check out articles about our problem. 
  • Go to the Community Forum's General Discussion, where we often post updates to the platform. This is also the best place to check for pay-related issues.
  • Go to any task-related channel on our Discord and ask your question there. Most Reviewers and Top Taskers are in these channels, so they may be able to provide expert insight. 
  • Go file a ticket if you can't find your answer. Our Support Team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

If you’re interested in joining the team, you can sign up for free!

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