Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: Geoffrey (September 2020)

At first glance, Geoffrey seems like your typical employee - he works from 7AM to 3PM, goes straight at home after work, spends time with his family, and goes back the next day feeling refreshed and relaxed. However, Geoffrey does attend to other matters after work: as soon as he goes home, he boots up his computer, loads a task in Remotasks, and works another eight-hour shift on his projects.

Some might say doing double shifts can be extremely difficult - but Geoffrey does them like it’s a daily thing, and he still manages to make time for his family and help out his friends in the Remotasks community! As September 2020’s Most Outstanding Remotasker (#MORE), how does he do it?

Started With A Recommendation

Geoffrey was having a regular day at work back in October 2018 when a friend suggested they try joining this project - they just needed to do some exams, take on some projects, and earn money in the process. When his friend demonstrated what he’s been doing, Geoffrey was hooked - he’s always loved technology, and being a Remotasker might help him develop his love for technology more.

Thanks to his friend’s testimony, he never had any doubts with Remotasks. He participated in the training and loved how the process works - and his best memory involves receiving his first pay. Geoffrey has been doing tasks with Remotasks on the side ever since.

Giving Back To The Community

When asked about his motivation on helping others in the Remotasks Community, Geoffrey always pointed towards his colleague who recommended him to join the team.

“I feel the urge to give back to other people too,” he said. “A lot of my friends ask me if they can get some side hustle - so I have the urge to train them when I recommend them to Remotasks.”

And inside Remotasks, Geoffrey has made quite a lot of friends as well. Most Remotaskers that he helps are from Africa, and they sometimes talk via DMs or even in WhatsApp groups to train. Whenever a friend has a problem they need help with, Geoffrey’s DMs are always open for them.

“And since most of my friends work in the same company I work, I do physical explanations and training for them,” Geoffrey added.

Never Giving Up

Despite Geoffrey’s rather smooth-sailing story, he did share some trials he’s encountered along the way. For instance, his first foray into Remotasks didn’t go as smooth as he planned - his first task was actually rejected! It’s after doing his second task, after the same' friend's encouragement, that he finally got paid.

And as Geoffrey kept on telling his friends at Remotasks, hard work really pays off.

“My best memory was when I joined Remotasks because I didn’t have a laptop that could do the tasks, so we used to work on the company I work on,” Geoffrey said. “I go to do the tasks late in the evenings - and Remotasks helped me a lot.”

His perseverance to work with Remotasks alongside a full-time job represented Geoffrey’s motto in life “Never say never.”

“This [motto] motivates me, [as I have] been unemployed after some time,” Geoffrey said. “I almost gave up. However, at the last minute, when I was also giving up was when I got an invite to go for an interview and started working. It pushes me to work hard each day.”

Work-Life Balance Today

While others might think that Geoffrey is putting a huge risk for his health and wellness working two jobs at the same time, Geoffrey proves it’s possible to work two jobs provided you have the right work-life balance.

As of research from Bell State University, a team led by Brian Webster found out that, contrary to popular belief, those who have two jobs have the same level of job performance with those that only have a single job. However, the biggest risk on their end lies on lacking the time to spend with their loved ones - which in itself produces a different level of stress.

Interestingly, this means that dual job-holders don’t exact “perform worse” when doing multiple jobs, it’s balancing their life with their loved ones that they need to tackle.

Thankfully, with the nature of Remotasks as a work-from-home gig, we love the idea of work-life balance. We encourage our team to always make time for their families, and to maximize their earnings with Remotasks to make the most out of their experiences.

As per Forbes, here are some of the best ways employers can cultivate great work-life balance, alongside some ways we at Remotasks also perform these things:

  • Create a flexible work environment. A flexible work environment that allows employees to do tasks with different levels of flexibility can help lessen stress, boost satisfaction, and maintain healthier habits. These come in the form of PTOs, WFH options, and flexible work hours. Here at Remotasks, you do your tasks according to your time and schedule.
  • Improving overall workplace experience. Employers can improve work-life balance for employees by cultivating a dynamic and happy workplace environment where people are happy with their roles, work becomes a second house, and it’s all about pursuing a goal together. In Remotasks, the work we do can help foster a better future in terms of tech, especially since we can help create smarter and better AI.

As people who work from home, it’s also important that we don’t forget some necessary steps to maintain our work-life balance. Here are some things we can do on our end:

  • Take time off between work. While it’s possible to do double shifting in terms of work, always remember that you still need to make time for yourself to help deal with stress. Things such as light walks, stretching, and even just spending time with family can help a great deal to destress.
  • Plan things properly. While it’s perfectly possible to do all your tasks within the same day, it does help declutter the mind if you plan your tasks throughout the week. A proper plan allows you to see if it’s possible to get off Remotasks early and spend more time with family and friends.
  • Have a better lifestyle. Since you can do Remotasks largely at home, it’s possible to stay in front of the computer for hours. However, it’s important to always have an active lifestyle to avoid health concerns. Always take into consideration the possibility of working out even for 30 minutes everyday, doing some light walking, and even jogging.
  • Do a hobby on the side. Aside from doing work and Remotasks, it’s important to allocate time for your hobbies. These include things such as collecting things, dancing, photography, painting, or even just reading and watching things. When you do things for the sake of rest, it’s still counted as productive - after all, if you relax, you can help clear your mind and prepare yourself for tougher tasks ahead.

What’s The #MORE Awards?

We at Remotasks want to say thank you to our most active Remotaskers - and we do this with the Most Outstanding Remotasker (#MORE) Award. We understand that working from home with various projects isn’t easy, and we want to acknowledge just how awesome these standout Remotaskers are.
After all, while we’re all in this together in Remotasks, we want to acknowledge the efforts of people like Geoffrey who go above and beyond their tasks to make the Remotasks Community a better place for everyone in it.

Can I Join Remotasks?

If you’re interested in taking Remotasks as a part-time or a full-time gig, don’t worry - we’re always open for new members! Thanks to our easy-access onboarding system, you can register and train to do tasks in less than an hour! In turn, you can start earning extra money in the same span of time as you would eat a quick meal or surf social media! Join us for free!

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