Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: John (April 2021)

John is the kind of goofy guy you’d want to be friends with - he’s always jolly with his folks and never doubts his desire to help others and his love for gaming. When not working, John - also known as Fire Emerald - dedicates a few hours of his time to stream games such as Valorant, Apex Legends, and Mobile Legends for his friends and fans to enjoy (you can check him out in YouTube/FireEmeraldGaming and on Facebook/FireEmeraldGaming). However, when it’s time for Remotasks, John gives it his all.

It’s because of his helpful personality that earned him the Most Outstanding Remotasker (#MORE) Awards for April 2021. However, it’s also his sheer dedication and love for the platform that makes us in the Remotasks Team proud to have a Remotasker like him. 

In fact, trials in life brought John to Remotasks - and it’s continuous challenges that push John to persevere and become a better version of himself everyday. 

Not A New Encounter

Prior to joining Remotasks, John has “that look” of anyone who’s stumbled upon the platform. At first glance, it didn’t seem authentic, and he didn’t pay any attention. However, as his girlfriend’s elder sister has been working on Remotasks for a while, the topic of the platform has come and gone between the couple. 

There’s no true need to take it too seriously - John is enjoying his work as a Production Officer in various companies, he’s breaking even with his salary, and he has time to pursue his love for motorcycles and video games. All is well, and there’s no need to introduce a new variable like Remotasks.

A Trial To Change Everything

When John left his previous production gig, it’s natural for him to send out applications to various places. And with his girlfriend’s suggestion, John applied to join Remotasks as well. By the time John completed his registration, one of his applications to a production company had come through. John knew it was time for a new adventure. However, as all adventures begin, things can change in an instant.

“I got in a motorcycle accident,” John said. “And my shoulder got injured, my bones were shattered, and I had to take a break out of everything.” 

John used his first few salaries in his new job to pay for his surgery and the rest of his treatment. Unfortunately, he had to stay at home to fully recover from his injuries.

“It was around this time that my girlfriend suggested Remotasks to me again,” John said. “And that was the time I tried it out.”

Remotasks In Its Heyday

When the Remotasks Team asked John about his experience in Remotasks, he had quite the story to tell. Being a Remotasker since 2016, John has seen Remotasks grow out of its shell with its variety of project types and procedures. 

“I was part of the first LiDAR taskers when it was introduced in 2017,” he said. “I focused on the classics back then because of my PC, and only got to upgrade back in 2019. Since then, I became a full-blown LiDAR Remotasker.”

The Value Of Challenge

When the Remotasks Team asked John about some of his favorite Tasks and Project Types, he made an interesting point about the value of challenge in life. For John, he loves taking on challenging Tasks and Projects for his work, instead of just relying on easy Tasks that guarantee payouts.

“If you learn the easy Tasks first then you might end up relying on them for the rest of the year,” John said. “However, if you train for a challenging Task, it’s satisfying learning that you prevailed against a challenge and you’ll know for yourself that you're ready for trickier tasks ahead.”

Thankfully, psychologists also recommend seeing challenges as opportunities. According to Psychology Today, avoiding challenges can make people avoid learning more about themselves and trapping them in anxiety and discomfort. Instead of treating this fear as a hindrance, we should often embrace the fear of the unknown and do our best to conquer challenges that are present.

“There isn’t a challenge that we’re not built to overcome,” John said. “We’ll always be able to find a way to conquer challenges if we try.”

The Value Of Play

Interestingly enough, despite his seriousness at work, John makes sure to get some free time to play his favorite games. Gaming has become a huge part of John’s life that he’s also been streaming. In fact, he’s shared his love with his fellow Remotaskers - with John and some of his Remotasker friends hanging out and playing games whenever they’re off work.

“It’s sort of like our form of bonding,” John said. “It’s great to make time for games and resting, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time working. Once you’re done playing, you’ll feel rested and ready to work again the next day because you’ve de-stressed using the games you love.”

John also said gaming has become a bonding activity for him and his teammates in the in-house teams. He mentioned that Sir Paul, his team leader, and Trainer once hosted a game session as a form of a bonding for the entire team.

Rest is an integral part of the work-life balance, and we should all treat rest as a “part” of our work. Remember, a rested mind is important to help us make accurate and sound decisions related to our Tasks. Like John, Remotaskers should allot time for rest and relaxation in between Tasks not just to maximize output, but to ensure they have an enjoyable time.

Paying It Forward

When asked about what keeps him motivated to teach his fellow Taskers, John simply explained his situation throughout his years in Remotasks.

“It came to a point that I recognize Remotasks as a part of my life,” John said. “Remotasks has become like my family or things I do everyday - I need Remotasks to help myself and my family. And Remotasks has become a household name because a lot of people in the household are in Remotasks as well.”

In fact, John and his girlfriend encouraged some of their family members to try out Remotasks to earn money. And when word of their encouragement reached friends, they gave Remotasks a shot, too. Outside their friends from the platform, John and his girlfriend actively help others get a better grasp on the Projects and Tasks in Remotasks. And when they’re not doing Tasks, Remotasks has a way of making conversations livelier.

“Remotasks has become an everyday part of our lives that we even talk about while we’re having a fun time bonding together,” John said gleefully. “Sometimes, we talk about how some people are elements in Tasks when we go to the market to buy food.”

John explained that he also started with having no one but his sister’s sibling to help him out when he started. So when he sees other Taskers in need of assistance, he just couldn’t resist the urge to help them out.

“I might not be able to help them financially, but if I can help them in terms of work, then I’ll help them there,” John said. “Hopefully, they’ll help others, too - and it’s like I’ve helped those people as well.”

“I know what it’s like to have a difficult life, and I want to make sure that others have easier lives ahead of them,” John said. “If I can do that as a Tasker, then I’ll do it always.”

How Can I Join A Team Like Remotasks?

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