Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: Louienette (December 2020)

Adjusting To The New Normal

Louienette discovered Remotasks back in August to September 2020.

“I was in a constant lookout for any home-based job I can find after quitting my 9-to-5 day job. It was four months ago when I signed up for Remotasks after reading good reviews” she said in an interview this early January 2021. “The best thing about Remotasks is that it offers free training in the Philippines, so I decided to give it a shot!”

For Louienette, she appreciated the fact that Remotasks offered free training prior to doing any tasks. She also liked the approach of having to take examinations before being certified to do much difficult tasks. In turn, Louienette did fondly recall her first experience in Remotasks.

“I remembered working on my first ever task,” she said. “I took me a week and even requested for an extension since there are so many elements to annotate!”

Louienette continued. “It was so tiring and hard, but my training and friends encouraged me to pursue it because it’s worth it,” she said. And to her surprise, Louienette discovered quite the worthwhile compensation* for just a single task with 95-percent accuracy.

(*Writer’s Note: We cannot reveal full figures for privacy reasons, and rates differ according to number of tasks done, their accuracy, and other factors)

Encouragement Goes A Long Way

Louienette currently works as a Reviewer for Remotasks. Unlike other regular Taskers, Louienette and her fellow Reviewers serve as the “second layer” that tasks need to go through before being forwarded to clients. And it’s her extensive knowledge on tasks that helps Louienette help Remotaskers inside and outside of her reviews.

“Being a Reviewer in Remotasks, I tend to offer constructive criticisms to their work,” Louienette said. “Getting things done with them is a great way to make sure excellent productivity keeps in line.”

To do this, Louienette said she regularly encourages Remotaskers to collaborate through social networking sites for easier communication. She also said she and her fellow Taskers set smaller goals that eventually meet a larger goal they have in mind. For Louienette, such a strategy can help keep Taskers motivated and accountable to their objectives.

However, Louienette does have another perspective regarding her work as a Reviewer.

“Personally, the best way for me to help a co-worker who is facing failure is to offer encouragement,” Louienette said. “I show them that failure is okay, as long as they keep working to learn from their mistakes.”

Gratitude Still Matters

Louienette also shared her fondness for gratitude. She shared a particular verse that explained exactly why she thought this was the case. As per Proverbs 11:25: “...those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”

“Whenever I show someone how much I value them or how grateful I am for their contributions, I’d be amazed at how motivated they’ll become and it greatly affects me,” she added. She elaborated that she tries to thank people for their hard work as often as possible.

As a Reviewer, she also helps her teammates celebrate small wins and encourage them to keep up with their good work. “I believe that life is all about relationships,” she said. “Working directly with them (Remotaskers) and helping them succeed is a great way to keep me motivated!”

Turning Adversity Into Advantage

When asked about what quotes inspired her, Louienette also referred to a saying outside her verse from Proverbs - and this other quote gleamed quite a wonderful insight towards her philosophy.

"Throw me to the wolves and I’ll return leading the pack," Louienette said. “I love this because it’s like turning adversity into advantage.”

Louienette expands on this philosophy further with an example: “Like when you are thrown to the wolves you are abandoned to a cruel fate or being torn apart by wolves,” she started. “But you adroitly turn that adverse situation to advantage. Not only do you not allow yourself to be torn apart, but you actually win them over to your side and come back with renewed vigor leading them instead.“

What’s The #MORE Awards?

Remotaskers like Louienette have an overwhelmingly bright light of earnest helping and compassion that motivates her to help make a difference in the community. Her small gestures to help Taskers may seem like she just helped someone out of a difficult task, but that person may have needed the income from that project for something important for them and their family.

Aside from what Remotasks provides as an earnings platform, we cannot ignore the reality that it’s really Remotaskers that are driving the spirit of the community forward - and our #MORE Awards could hopefully express our thanks and gratitude to Rockstars such as Louienette who go above and beyond to embody the true spirit of Remotasks. After all, through our projects with various teams, we want to build a better future for our families - and people like Louienette behind the helm makes this cause worthwhile.

How Can I Join Remotasks?

If you also want to make a difference alongside Louienette and other Remotasks Rockstars, you can join the Remotasks team! Our registration is totally free, and you can get yourself onboarded and ready to fulfill tasks in less than an hour or two! Start earning and make a difference with us today!
Others might see Louienette working in Remotasks and realized she’s one of many who took up home-based work (or work-from-home) during the pandemic. Instead of having her usual 9-to-5, Louienette found herself doing tasks and projects in front of the laptop with Remotasks.

However, unlike the usual 9-to-5 professional, Louienette still has the time for the things she loves - her family and friends, hobbies and relaxation. For her, it has a lot to do with staying motivated, expressing gratitude and encouragement, and turning challenges into opportunities.

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