Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: Mark (March 2021)

Mark from Negros Oriental loves his online games and hiking, and even loves cooking local cuisines near rivers with his friends during these trips. As someone from the BPO industry, no one would think Mark would quit his job to work freelance with Remotasks - and that’s what Mark thought of too, initially.

Two years from now, Mark has maintained his full-time Remotasker status and used his experience to help newbies learn the ropes on their end. And it’s this continued effort that earned him March 2021’s Most Outstanding Remotasker (#MORE) Award. Here’s a look into Mark’s story:

It’s Training Straight After Work?

Mark first heard of Remotasks at work, but was surprised to learn his brother was actually undergoing training in for the platform. When he mentioned it to his brother, he insisted Mark to join him as well.

“At first, I didn’t want to try it because I’m already tired from work and he wants me to train,” Mark said. “However, it’s so much worth the while.”

He added that he doubted Remotasks at first, since online scams do exist. “But I’ve heard that a lot of people have earned much from the Remotasks Bootcamp,” Mark said. “When I received my first paycheck, I was happy - and all the happier when I saw it enter my PayPal account. Until now, I’m happy with Remotasks.”

Bootcamp: Training And Fun Memories

When Mark mentioned the Remotasks Bootcamp, he’s referring to the Remotasks On-Site Training Bootcamp Program the platform is offering for Taskers living in the same country. In the program, Trainers group up with Remotaskers interested in learning some of the more complex project types in the platform and embark on a few days’ worth of hands-on training.

Prior to the pandemic, some Bootcamp Sessions actually happen in some live venues. As part of Remotasks’ efforts to expand on our training program, we have Remotasks Online Bootcamp as well. Regardless of the avenue, Mark said a lot of the best memories of his time in Remotasks were in Bootcamp.

“It has to be on-site Bootcamp,” Mark answered when asked about his favorite time in Remotasks. “You can meet a lot of new friends there and share ideas about Tasks.”

To Help Even As A Regular Member

Mark’s experience being trained alongside other Remotasks also drove him to be a more helpful Remotasker, and continues to drive him to become a Trainer.

“I know the feeling of not being answered, and it hurts and it’s disappointing at the same time,” he said. “This is why I help whenever the opportunity arrives because I’ve been in their place when I was still a newbie.”

Thankfully, the Remotasks Community today has a lot more avenues to help and assist Taskers in need - from the Discord Server, to the Help Center, and even the Community Forums.

“I have made a lot of friends in the Discord Community, while I’ve been doing in-house Bootcamps in Google Meet, and even in person. Everyone is so kind, especially Mods in Discord.”

When asked to shout-out to his friends, Mark said: “I'd like to give a shoutout to my tasking partner Marlyn Jane, my brother Makr Lyndon, and to all members of TEAMHappyTasking. I'd like to thank PostNL peeps, Master Jerald, Boss Ods, all my friends and Discord friends, and especially to my Loving Family. Happy Tasking to us all!”

Conquering Fear For Success

If there’s anything Mark has learned throughout his Remotasks journey, it’s that sometimes the first step to success is to conquering fear first.

“Take risks and conquer your fears,” Mark reiterated. “I got squared of quitting my BPO job before, but I sitll took the risk and didn’t let my fear get the best of me. And it’s been super worth it, now that I’m with Remotasks.”

What’s The #MORE Awards?

At Remotasks, we don’t just provide an earnings platform to our Remotaskers - we also provide a professional working environment where they can grow their skills as freelancers and as team players. With the Most Outstanding Remotasker (#MORE) Award, Remotasks can say a big thank you to the biggest team players in the community - those who step up, take the time, and go above and beyond their regular Remotasker duties just to ensure that their fellow Remotaskers are also equipped to do their tasks.

Thanks to the efforts of people like Mark, we can confidently say that the Remotasks Community is a great place to be - where helpful and supportive members and team leaders exist to help each other grow.

Can I Join Remotasks?

If you want to be like Mark and be a part of a community where we help each other succeed, then Remotasks is for you! With our platform, you can do a variety of project types that needs your human insight to help growing AI technologies around the world.

Don’t worry, registration is free - and thanks to our online learning resources, you can register and get ready to earn in less than an hour!

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