Remotasks Rockstar Diaries: Nixon (July 2021)

When Nixon first discovered Remotasks, he finally had a remote earnings platform where he can apply his love for technical challenges. Being an educator with a focus on mechanics and technical drawing, doing Tasks in Remotasks seemed like a match made in Heaven.

His natural love for technical tasks might have helped Nixon become the standout Remotasker he is today. His knowledge in various Projects allowed him to help out various Remotaskers, earning the nomination - and eventually the award - of being July 2021’s Most Outstanding Remotasker (#MORE). As a Remotasks Rockstar, Nixon is one of the Remotaskers in the Community who actively helps members new and old become more acquainted with their Tasks.

However, just who is Nixon outside Remotasks?

An Educator By Heart

Remotaskers who encountered Nixon would see a dedicated Remotasker, someone who’s always willing to help whenever he gets the opportunity. This may stem from the fact that he’s an educator by heart. 

“I have a degree in education, specifically in the area of mechanics and technical drawing. I have also worked in the industrial sector, in the area of numerical control programming, which has to do with mechanical design,” he said. 

And given his skillset, Remotasks seemed the right fit for Nixon who’s gotten used to more technical jobs.

“I discovered Remotasks because I was investigating ways to make money online, and I decided to give it a shot, but it was very difficult for me to understand it,” he said. 

“A while later, another friend of mine recommended me Remotasks Plus. I liked it because, unlike the PTC platforms, this is something more technical and it's more similar to the control numeric programming that I've been working with.”

Given his educational background, it seemed natural for Nixon to know exactly how to teach Remotaskers in need. And looking into the future, he sees himself from a teaching side of things as well.

“I see myself as a coach,” he said. “I really want to be a coach and help more people for them to get more accurate in the tasks they do.” 

Still A Regular Joe

Despite his rather serious exterior, Nixon is still a regular joe. For instance, he does love his sports.

“I’m not much into practicing them,” he quickly corrects. “But I really like watching them. If I practice any, I like to do ping-pong and chess. And I also really like listening to music.” 

A Desire To Help Those In Need

And being a regular joe himself, Nixon understands the worries and plights of people like him looking for sustainable income in Venezuela. This passion to help others rise and have better living conditions fuels him to continue helping Remotaskers today.

“It motivates the fact that in this country, what we earn isn’t enough, not even being a professional with a career,” Nixon said. “Everybody needs to have multiple jobs. I teach them about Remotasks so they can make a living out of it.”

Nixon understands this on a personal level, as he himself has a part-time gig outside Remotasks. “I have a part-time job as a mechanical designer. This has to do with the control numeric programming, which is how plastic injection mold machines are controlled,” he said. While many of Nixon’s friends in the platform would attest to his efforts, perhaps the most touching tale of Nixon’s presence would be that of his sister.

“She (my sister) was an elementary school teacher, and teacher’s wages in Venezuela are the worst,” he shared. “It’s not enough for her and her family. She started in Remotasks, and when she received her first payout, she couldn’t believe it. She was very happy for what she achieved.” 

How Can I Join A Team Like Remotasks?

If you’re interested in becoming a part of a community of active learners and teachers such as Nixon, you might have fun in Remotasks! With a community of more than 10,000 members, you’ll always have a helping hand regardless if you’re doing our easiest or most difficult tasks. 

In Remotasks, you have access to our Training Center courses and our live Bootcamp Training to help cement your earnings in the platform. With our free registration and accessible onboarding, you can earn a stable income while doing tasks related to AI without any need for intensive degrees!

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