Remotasks Training Center: Learn And Earn For Free!

Thanks to Remotasks, our Remotaskers now have the means to earn extra by helping us aid various clients and customers develop better smart technologies. We do this by providing Tasks that require us to draw bounding boxes around objects, identify things in pictures, research about certain subjects, and even transcribe documents. But don’t you need AI knowledge to help with smart tech?

Not necessarily! In fact, Remotasks provides free training for Remotaskers! Thanks to our Training Center, we provide all the tools Remotaskers need to start earning from their Tasks. This article gives you a quick look into what the Training Center is and what it’s capable of.

What’s the Training Center?

We understand that the idea of “building AI” with companies can become very daunting for Remotaskers. And while “drawing bounding boxes” is straightforward, our customers still need these boxes (and other elements) to follow certain instructions in order to become useful in their projects.

With the Training Center, we now have a platform to teach Remotaskers how to do Tasks in accordance to what our customers need in their projects. 

And it’s absolutely free?

Yes! We will never ask payment from Remotaskers to train and study courses in our Training Center. In fact, Taskers need to complete a Training Center course for their Project before doing Tasks under that Project. 

What do these courses look like?

We can’t show images as our client information is sensitive and private. However, a Training Center course looks like a slideshow that teaches and demonstrates the essential aspects of a Project or a Task that a Remotasker needs to remember.

How long do these courses take to finish?

Remotaskers can finish our courses in a variety of timeframes, depending on the complexity of the Project. Simple Projects can take around 30 minutes to learn, while others need Remotaskers to take sub-courses within that course to finish learning about that Project. These more complex Projects are reserved for Tasks that earn a lot of money once successfully completed, so watch out for these!

Are these courses only taken once?

You only need to take a course once to be considered enabled in that Project, which then allows the platform to send Tasks under that Project to your direction.

However, you can freely retake courses, especially if you want to recall certain steps or ensure you’re up-to-date with a Project’s instructions!

If you’re interested in joining the team, you can sign up for free!

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