Super Reviewers: What Are The Benefits Of Being One?

The Remotasks team doesn’t want to stop at just giving you and our fellow Taskers a steady stream of projects and tasks to work with. Rather, we want to make sure you have all the means possible to expand your opportunities with us. If you’ve always wanted to grow outside the Attempter or the Reviewer role, perhaps you might be interested in becoming a Super Reviewer

What exactly is the Super Reviewer Role, though? What other things can they do outside the regular Attempter and Reviewer positions?

Remotasks Roles: A Recap

Before we dive into the specifics of the Super Reviewer role, let’s take a step back and review the roles we currently have in the Remotasks team:

  • An Attempter: Most Remotasks members are Attempters. These are Remotaskers who pick tasks and projects to accomplish depending on the kind of training they’ve received in the Training Center. Once finished, Attempters submit their attempts to be checked, confirmed, and completed.
  • A Reviewer (R0): Attempters who show a particular understanding of certain tasks and projects can become Reviewers. Whereas Attempters finish a task from scratch, Reviewers ensure that Attempters have done their attempts properly. They cross-check the accuracy of a submitted attempt depending on the project’s rules and other important considerations.
  • A Super Reviewer (R1): An upgrade from the Reviewer, the Super Reviewer role has achieved mastery over certain projects and is the go-to authority for all things related to that project. They’re in charge of checking a Reviewer’s version of an attempted revision to check if they coincide with all the rules of a project or task - especially updated ones. 

Super Reviewer: Our Role-models

Essentially, Super Reviewers achieved a level of mastery over certain projects and tasks that not all Remotaskers are capable of doing. They know a task or a project backwards and forwards, and as such remains the go-to authority for all things related to these projects. 

Of course, at first glance, this does sound like a heavy-duty job, right? However, it does come with its perks. Taskers who take the time to become Reviewers and train to become Super Reviewers can achieve the following benefits: 

  • Become a part of the highest-quality group. As Super Reviewers, their outputs will be considered as the best that Remotasks has to offer. They have a spotlight from the project managers, and their work will become the “set standard” of what Remotaskers can achieve with a perfected task.
  • Get the highest possible pay for accurate tasks. Given that they’re in the highest rank currently possible for a regular Remotasker, Super Reviewers get the highest possible pay for any accurate task attempt they submit. 
  • Get top priority for task availability. For Super Reviewers, gone are the days of no longer being able to get tasks on time. In terms of task availability, Super Reviewers always get first dibs - and this also goes for bonuses as well.
  • Gain access to more growth opportunities. If you become a Super Reviewer, your growth opportunities with Remotasks don’t end there! Once you become a Super Reviewer, you get to be in a position to become promoted to:
  • A Trainer, one of the senior Remotaskers responsible for the training and management of new Remotaskers to help them gain mastery over their tasks.
  • If there's any open ModQA project in the same task group, SR's are endorsed by their lead trainer.

How Do I Become Qualified To Be A Super Reviewer?

Thankfully, any Remotasker can eventually become a Super Reviewer. All Taskers need in order to achieve this is the adequate time, training, and perseverance to hone and perfect their skills in certain tasks. Essentially, Remotaskers who are aspiring Super Reviewers need to take note of the following:

  • Diligence and consistency in submissions. Our Super Reviewers serve as the best example of Remotaskers out there - as such, our aspiring Super Reviewers should demonstrate diligence and consistency expected with the best Taskers. In turn, Attempters and Reviewers need to consistently submit tasks on time and with high accuracy.
  • Good track record with the team. Our Super Reviewers also reflect the best Remotasks has to offer in terms of attitude and standing, which means they need to be great members of the community. Remotaskers who want to be Super Reviewers shouldn’t have any remarkable mistakes such as spamming of tasks.
  • Demonstrates mastery over a project. Our Super Reviewers serve as the persons to talk to with regards to particular tasks. As such, our aspiring Super Reviewers need to demonstrate a particular mastery or interest in mastering a particular task or project. 

If you're not convinced yet, we highly recommend you to check the following testimonial video from one of our Top Class Super-Reviewers!

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