Tasking 101: Take Courses While Tasking With Proactive Learning

Hey there, Remotasker! Do you ever get that feeling of someone ever teaching you something, only for you to want a refresher course before taking an exam about it? In Remotasks, we perfectly understand how you feel. This is especially since we want to get good marks to maximize our earnings, right? 

While some Remotaskers would go back to the Training Center to recap on their Project’s course, the platform now offers Remotaskers a way to get a refresher course before even tackling a Task under that Project!

Get A Refresher Course While Tasking

The platform now lets the Remotasks Training Center give courses in between groups of tasks. We are required to complete these courses before proceeding to the tasks we want to take. 

Is this training free?

Of course! As with our other training courses in the Training Center, the courses we’ll need you to take in between tasks are completely free. Plus, if you haven’t taken the course for that particular task, this pre-task course counts towards that training! 

Think of it as getting a refresher course before an exam - an exam that helps you make money, that is!

Why do we need these tasks?

We need to take these courses because they will explain the most common errors we can encounter in these tasks, and how we can fix them.

The Remotasks Team wants to go that extra mile to ensure you get the best training and we equip you with the best tools while you earn with us. 

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