Teamwork And Remotasks: 6 Kinds Of Teammates You’ll Have

Thanks to the flexibility of the Remotasks platform, our Remotaskers can choose not just the kind of projects they’ll work on but the timeframe they can work on them as well. This level of personalization can motivate Remotaskers to work solo or even together as teams, and it’s working in groups that really helps our community shine. If you’re entering a team for the first time, it helps to know what kind of people you’ll work with to make sure that you know the best way to communicate with them for the long term.

  1. The Leader: This kind of teammate loves stepping up when there’s a need for someone to coordinate the team’s overall efforts and maximize their performance. Leader types don’t just have initiative, but also the know-how regarding everyone’s skillset. They have an understanding of everyone’s strengths and how these can cover each other’s weaknesses, ensuring that the job gets done.
  2. The Explorer: One of the most common types of team members are Explorers, or collaborators who tend to explore new methods of doing work that may improve workflow in ways that others don’t immediately notice. They excel in their jobs, whcih gives them time and room to think of ways to improve existing process and discover ways to optimize their current ones. 
  3. The Critic: Often misunderstood due to their straightforward nature, Critics specialize in ensuring that output produced by the team is in tip-top shape and won’t be scrutinized by managers and higher-ups. Blunt and frank at heart, Critics often get into arguments with people who don’t immediately understand what they’re intending to say, but they almost always mean well when communicated properly. 
  4. The Mediator: Conflict isn’t unavoidable in teams, and sometimes they’re hard to break up. It’s thanks to Mediators that teams don’t immediately dissolve during the first signs of a misunderstanding. Empathic and diplomatic by nature, Mediators specialize in helping conflicting members of a team understand each other’s intentions and work their way to achieve their output more efficiently. 
  5. The Quiet Tigers: Sometimes, it’s the quiet ones that pack the most punch in a team. These Quiet Tigers are almost always shy and are reluctant to speak up or engage with everyone else, but they’re also almost always reliable to finish the work. They might seem reluctant to open up, but surely enough they’ll respond when prompted, and they’ll almost always get excited if someone happens to figure out their favorite topic. 
  6. The Comic Relief: There’s always that “one person” in the team that loves to insert jokes and crack funny quips that just makes the day extra special, especially on busy times. These Comic Reliefs are jokesters help boost the team morale and ensure each working day is memorable, regardless if it’s super busy or super ordinary. While these members aren’t necessarily “the best,” they sure know how to make the day much brighter. 

Different Teammates, Different Forms Of Fun!

With the above explanation in mind, it’s important to remember that teams in Remotasks have a wide range of members - from the overly-talkative ones to the quiet ones that love to focus on the work at hand. Regardless of what kind of teammates you have as a Remotasker, understanding their personalities and how best you can communicate and approach them can definitely help make your experience with them as a team much more comfortable and more enjoyable in the long run.

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