Teamwork And Remotasks: 6 Qualities Of A Great Teammate

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a challenging task in Remotasks, chances are you’ve asked for some help from Remotaskers in the community. WIth any luck, some of them might even invite you over to their personal teams! This is a great part of the Remotasks platform, as we highly encourage Remotaskers to work together so we can simulate an office environment even when we’re all faraway. And when joining a team, the next best step is to identify whether your teammates there are great to work with. 

  1. Following proper protocol: One of the most important qualities of a great teammate is their adherence to the various protocols that your team currently has. While being a part of a Remotasks team often means being assigned to specialize in particular tasks or projects, a lot of these tasks also involve following specific protocols and chains of command. Try to observe whether your teammates follow these protocols properly, as this shows their knowledge and familiarity with regards to the instructions assigned to them.
  2. Welcoming to new members: While this quality seems optional, it’s important to remember that new members of teams can sometimes feel out of place during the first few days or even weeks due to how unfamiliar everything is. Having someone welcome them to the team can give a feeling of enthusiasm and improve a newcomer’s mood greatly. Team members who are welcoming to others demonstrate that they are friendly to work with, and this is a comforting quality to have.
  3. Regularly communicating with each other: Once you become a member of a Remotasks team, you’re likely going to join a unique Discord server or a Slack channel. One of the first things you should check are previous conversations, especially with regards to how your teammates communicate with each other. Regular correspondence among your teammates means your team is actively communicating with each other, which is a good sign as this says they’re active in doing their tasks.
  4. Answering queries within their urgency levels: Another thing you should check with regards to communicating within your new team is how often they answer queries and how well they communicate these concerns. This shows whether or not your teammates are reliable with regards to answering questions, which can become a big help once you’re assigned to complex assignments that may need some assistance.
  5. Checking up on each other’s tasks: One of the most important aspects of a good team is having team members that regularly check with each other regarding their tasks. Asking for periodic updates, opinions and advice, as well as giving each other constructive feedback are signs of competent and concerned team members.
  6. Knowing how to have fun: While this is certainly an optional quality for some, sometimes one of the signs of a great teammate is having a sense of humor. If your team has some sort of memes or channel for “random” stuff, it could help to observe whether your teammates post there or not. This gives an indication that your teammates know how to unwind - something important to avoid burnout especially during tough periods.

The Great Teammate: The Signs To Look For!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that the signs of a great teammate have a two-fold effect. First, you can actually get lucky and find a person who fits these criteria properly, ensuring that your team has a shot of being extremely efficient as effective workers do tend to inspire their coworkers. Secondly, and most importantly, knowing what makes a great team player can become a great motivator for others to start emulating these qualities, even without the presence of such a person. That way, all of you become role models to each other, and may even inspire the performance of other teams!

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