Teamwork And Remotasks: 7 Qualities Great Team Leaders Have

If you’re working in the Remotasks platform, chances are you already know that some Remotaskers love to work in teams. After all, the platform actively gives Remotaskers the opportunity to learn whichever project they want through our Help Center, Community Forums, and our Bootcamp. For Remotaskers who join the Remotasks Bootcamp, in particular, they’ll notice that teams they’re in aren’t just ordinary groups, but rather official Remotasks teams led by a Remotasks Trainer. Not only that, but these Remotasks Trainers are certified by the platform not just to teach but to lead their respective teams.

  • Mastery over tasks: It’s one thing to be someone who can boss others around, and another thing entirely to fully understand what tasks and projects entail before assigning them to members. In Remotasks, team leaders show great mastery over their tasks so they’re fully equipped to support their teammates and communicate their concerns with the proper technical know-how. While it takes good leadership to make leaders, great leaders know how to apply the necessary leadership skills to specific parts of their team’s tasks. 
  • Serve as a middle ground between members and upper management: In Remotasks, team leaders serve as the liaison between their team members and upper management. This means they’re capable of balancing management expectations with what the team can deliver and foster good relationships between them. In the context of Remotasks, great leaders understand the tasks their teams need to do but at the same time capable of sharing to management the full extent of their team’s capabilities through reports and proper meetings. 
  • Gives credit where it is due: One of the best characteristics of leaders would be the ability to acknowledge the efforts of their teammates, especially with regards to the tasks that they accomplish. Great leaders don’t steal the credit of their coworkers simply because they’re their “boss,” but rather lift their teammates up and acknowledge them for their skills. The great work of the team is a reflection of the way a leader can bring out the best in everyone.
  • Willing to learn: Just because one is a leader doesn’t mean they already know everything, and a great leader is more than willing to learn about new things to keep up with the times and help make the team more efficient. Great leaders who actively learn new tools of the trade, or new projects in the case of Remotasks, are a reflection of a willingness to expand one’s knowledge. This can become a basis of inspiration for other teammates, as a leader who shows willingness to learn can motivate others to do the same. 
  • Provides constructive criticism: It’s one thing to demonstrate mastery over a task or project, and another to be able to provide proper feedback to members. Great leaders are capable of giving feedback in a way that demonstrates where members can improve their performance without diminishing their personalities and characters. In Remotasks, this is done through proper reports, regular meetings, and personalized feedback. 
  • Capable of identifying ways to help teammates improve: It’s one thing to be able to identify where teammates have to improve, and another to be able to find ways to help them improve and become better. Great leaders are capable of finding out ways to help their members improve in their performance, be it through having personalized training sessions, creating guides and manuals, or even having conferences on how to do tasks. In the context of Remotasks, leaders demonstrate great leadership skills through identifying how to help their teammates improve their performance in their respective tasks and projects. 
  • Empathic to the team’s various situations: While great teams demonstrate consistent performance, it’s unavoidable for some members to experience woes and other issues to affect their performance. Since Remotasks can be a platform where everyone works at their own pace, this means some Remotaskers may take breaks to sort through family issues and other things. Great leaders are able to empathize with these issues and fully understand the way a member’s personal life can affect their work and be able to help them work through these issues without affecting performance. 

Team Leaders: Help Your Team Come Out Top With The Right Qualities

A team is only as good as their leader, and the right qualities can help any leader stand out and help their team rise to any challenge. In Remotasks, this is important as certain projects and tasks can get a bit complex that Team Leaders need to get everyone’s heads together in order to solve them. Perhaps what makes being a leader to Remotaskers in a team is that leaders have their team’s vigor and enthusiasm to rely on when it comes to challenges like these. And with the right qualities, a Team Leader can help teammates improve on their strengths.

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