Teamwork And Remotasks: 7 Ways To Bond With Teammates From Home

If you’ve ever worked an office job before, having teammates is probably one of the most memorable things you can remember. And unfortunately, not all remote working opportunities can give you that same team experience. Thankfully, with the flexibility of Remotasks as an earnings platform, you can join fellow Remotaskers and form a team! However, if you’re entering a team for the first time, you might be lost as to how exactly you can establish rapport with your teammates. Thankfully, it’s not as difficult to find ways to bond with teammates, even while you’re working from home. 

  1. Having a non-work channel: If you’re a member of a Remotasks team, chances are you have a Discord server or a Slack channel for communications. It could greatly help establish a bonding experience with coworkers if there’s a channel exclusively for random non-work stuff. This gives everyone a space to upload memes, jokes, and even vent their concerns in a safe space.
  2. Doing tasks over a call: One of the most “basic” bonding experiences one could have with teammates would probably be doing tasks over a group call. This is extremely important, as this gives the team a sense of camaraderie doing the tasks assigned to them. Aside from that, doing this is also a neat way of getting live feedback and assistance from the participants, even if everyone is doing another task.
  3. Random catch-up group calls: Another way of bonding with teammates is to just have short random group calls for the sole purposes of catching up with each other. Topics discussed here could be anywhere from day-to-day living, current shows being watched, and other non-work stuff that could give everyone a sense of a break outside work.
  4. Cooperative video games are a fun way to unwind: With the popularity of video games nowadays, it’s no question how a lot of modern games are also compatible to be played with multiple players. First-person shooters or even MMOs can be fun to play, especially with team members. Defeating an enemy team or accomplishing a raid can become an entertaining bonding experience, especially with a renewed sense of victory. Examples: Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Minecraft
  5. Parlor games can get entertaining for hours: An alternative to playing cooperative video games is playing parlor games with teammates. Instead of having an intense goal like winning against others through fighting and the whatnot, parlor games are often fun situations that end up being hilarious for people who play them. This kind of humor can help everyone unwind after a busy day. Examples:, Among Us
  6. Watch parties can become a comfortable experience: Another neat bonding experience could come in the form of a watch party, where someone would select a video or a film for everyone to watch over stream. While this isn’t as communicative as the other bonding experiences suggested here, being able to watch a film with others and then possibly discussing it afterward can give a sense of exclusivity. Not only that, but this can create a unifying “moment” that everyone involved can be a part of, possibly boosting morale.  Examples: Streaming Apps (i.e., Netflix), YouTube
  7. Physical meetups give a renewed sense of familiarity: While a lot of Remotaskers before the pandemic have already met with each other if they live in nearby areas, doing this is tricky nowadays due to certain pandemic restrictions. However, in areas with good health protocols for visitors, Remotaskers may want to try meeting with each other physically in a coffee shop or another meet-up place for a few good hours of mingling. This can give a special sense of familiarity, especially since this finally removes the illusion of talking to someone only on the computer and can establish deeper friendships. Examples: Karaoke, Coffee Shops, Grilling

Bonding At Home: Make The Team Work In The Remote Office!

If you plan on working with fellow Remotaskers over a virtual group, it’s important to remember the above tips and be reminded that there’s always a way to bond with your colleagues even from afar. And while these methods are still inferior to actually meeting your teammates in real life, the bonding methods above could hopefully raise morale within the team that everyday working in Remotasks becomes more delightful.

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