What Is Burnout? 5 Signs Of Work Burnout, And What You Can Do About It

Given today’s work from home conditions, work burnout is a term more commonly used in social media nowadays. However, work burnout isn’t just something that can affect our performance in the workplace. Unfortunately, those who experience burnout can also experience physical and mental strain, emotional stress, and may even lead to serious conditions such as depression. With these in mind, it may help to identify just what burnout is, what causes it, and what we can do to avoid them.

What exactly is Burnout? 

As per Psychology Today, Burnout is a state of mental, emotional, and oftentimes physical exhaustion brought on by repeated or prolonged stress. We usually feel burnout due to various things in life, such as work, caretaking, and even romantic relationships. 

What causes Burnout?

We need to understand that Burnout isn’t simply a result of handling too much work. However, part of the characteristics for burnout do include depression, lethargy, cynicism, and a general sense of “being tired” about a job. They may also come with gastrointestinal symptoms, heartburn, fatigue, and even headaches. Due to the intricate causes of Burnout, it’s tricky to identify just how we can get the root cause of a Burnout. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t try to remedy it.

What are signs you might be experiencing Burnout?

If you’re wondering whether you’re feeling as though you’re getting burnt out, you might want to consider reviewing some signs. Remember, just because you’re working with Remotasks from home doesn’t mean you’re immune to feeling burnt out. And once this feeling starts to creep in, it’s best you try to do something with this as soon as possible. Here are things you need to take note of:

  • Does the idea of working make you feel tired already? One sign of getting burnt out at work is the feeling of exhaustion at the slightest mention - or even the very idea of - working. In this case, just thinking you have to work on your tasks and other project types might make you feel tired already, and this can be a surefire sign of burnout. To help alleviate this feeling, you should try squeezing in some days off from Remotasks. These can come in the form of nights out with friends, hanging out with the family, or just dedicating yourself to your hobbies every weekend or some other days. That way, you can associate working with Remotasks more on the lines of “doing this to get to my rest day” - which is a great way of slowly associating Remotasks with a means of feeling much better. 
  • Do you feel extremely tired when working? It’s one thing to feel tired after a busy day of work, but it’s another thing to feel extremely tired even after an ordinary shift. In the case of Remotasks, do you ever feel as though you’re extremely tired after working on tasks you know should be easy? If you’ve been feeling this way for a long time, you might be starting to get burnt out with what you've been doing. Something you can do to avoid this is to lessen the load of the project types you have, or even try to take a day off. Likewise, it may help to diversify the project types you’re taking in order to get a “change of pace.” Sometimes, feeling the dynamism of a new project type can help you feel more comfortable with work.
  • Do you feel anxious whenever you get near the computer? The physical office version of this is the feeling of extreme anxiety or mental strain even on the way to your office or even your cubicle. This might resemble the feeling of being afraid during your first day of school or your job interview - only this time, you already have the job but you still feel “off” about what you’ve been doing. In the case of Remotasks, this might be you feeling anxious whenever you have to turn on the computer for Remotasks. Whenever you feel this way, try to look back at your Task Log to look at successful tasks you’ve submitted, or even look at inspiring messages your fellow Remotaskers and Team Leaders have sent you. Sometimes, these small boosts can be more than enough to make your day.
  • Do you feel like you’re making mistakes all the time? In Remotasks, we take the concept of feedback very seriously, and we’d want our Remotasks to remember that we’ve always got their back when it comes to helping them improve. As such, our Reviewers regularly send feedback to our Taskers regarding their attempts, especially if they need to make some revisions on their project. Sadly, some of us might look at feedback as though it’s a sign that we’re making mistakes all the time, and we might feel down and burnt out about it. To avoid this feeling, we might want to try reaching out to our Reviewers to ask them for advice and feedback on how to do our work better. Reading their feedback for ourselves and learning from their tips may be able to help us look at their feedback as a learning experience. 
  • Do you feel like you’re not accomplishing anything? One sign of burnout we tend to ignore is if we feel as though we’re not accomplishing anything with what we’re currently doing. In the case of Remotasks, this might be the feeling of not doing enough even if we’re finishing our tasks and projects on time. To help with this feeling, you might want to reward yourself every so often, especially using the money you’ve earned with the platform. This is a great reminder that whatever things you enjoy now, you can achieve thanks to your efforts in Remotasks. 

Know Burnout To Avoid It

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that awareness of what burnout is and what can cause it can help you avoid these symptoms at work. With this kind of proactive mindset, you can ensure that you have a more comfortable and fulfilling time in the workplace.

Should you want a change of scenery or a new way to earn income with less risks of burnout, you might want to consider joining Remotasks. Aside from free registration, our free training programs can ensure that you can do any of our projects with the right training. Moreover, our flexible work system ensures that you’re only doing jobs according to your free time and schedule - giving you full control over your schedule.

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