What Makes Remotasks Legit?

Here at Remotasks, we help our clients and customers develop better smart technologies by providing meaningful human insights to their projects. We do this by enlisting the help of Remotaskers (you!) who do a variety of Tasks in our Remotasks platform. In turn, we can help you earn extra while we also help our clients forge a better future with awesome AI and awesome smart assistants.

Of course, the unconventional way we do things can make others wonder if what we’re doing is even legit. And we are a legitimate company that tackles AI problems in a new way outside regular teams. 

What is Remotasks as a company?

We're a San Francisco-based tech start-up with a mission to help create great AI (artificial intelligence) products and services by providing input from our Remotaskers.

Who did you work with?

We work with reputable brands, companies, and even universities! Rest assured, our work in Remotasks can help pave the way for more efficient AI-based tech. Who knows, your work in Remotasks may help launch a self-driving car!

How do we know if we’re going to be paid for real?

We pay via PayPal weekly, and the Remotasks platform reflects your earnings through our dashboard. We also have a task log that allows you to view your active tasks with pending payment, as well as the status of that payment. This way, we guarantee transparency when it comes to our payments.

How do I get paid for my Tasks? 

We pay for completed Tasks via PayPal every week. When we say “Completed Tasks,” this pertains to Tasks that have been reviewed and given to the customer for approval. These task statuses are all reflected in our task log.

If you’re interested in joining the team, you can sign up for free!

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